Making Screen Time a Family Affair

Moms just a decade ago wouldn’t fathom a child under five using an electronic device such as gaming consoles, tablets, phones, and laptops as entertainment. However, kids are seemingly born knowing how to find their favorite YouTuber or open their favorite gaming app. Because of this, many parents struggle with the delicate balance between screen time and getting their kids active and engaged without electronics. We propose some solutions that combine both! 

Make Screen Time a Family Affair

Check out the ideas below that change up your weekly routine while building family togetherness by making screen time a family affair.

Talent Reality TV Shows
Many of the major TV networks have popular reality shows that are family-friendly and include a lineup of individuals waiting for their talents to be discovered and shared with the world. These shows, such as NBC’s America’s Got Talent and The Voice have interests for even the toughest critics in your household. From musicians to dancers to comedians to magicians, and more, you can’t go wrong. To make it a family affair, each person in the family roots for their favorites and sees who makes it the furthest throughout the season. 

Nintendo Switch
What better way to get moving, especially during Georgia’s unpredictable winter months, than getting the family together to compete on the Nintendo Switch. Games like Switch Sports and the newest Kirby are great for families. For larger groups, Mario Strikers can handle up to eight players. In addition, you can also explore classic board games such as Life and Monopoly

Using Apple’s AirPlay feature, you can wirelessly cast games from your iPhone or iPad to an Apple TV, which makes it easy for the entire family to watch and play together. Alternatively, you can use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your computer to play family game shows such as Family Feud

Game Pigeon
If you’re traveling or waiting between kids’ sporting events, Game Pigeon is an extension of iMessage. This gaming package allows you to keep kids engaged with a fun round of puzzles, word games, and other strategy games that cause kids to think while having fun with siblings and parents alike. 

Karaoke Night
Using Alexa or Google Assistant, you have thousands of songs at the sound of your voice. As a family, select a genre and take turns asking for a different song. Have 1-3 people, depending on the size of your group, act as judges. You can take turns doing a singing battle, vote others off, and more. You don’t have to follow the traditional rules of karaoke– just make it your own!

As we all know, much of what we do on a daily basis involves interacting with a variety of devices whether at home, school, or work. Rather than trying to eliminate screen time, let’s embrace using it to bring families closer together, learn together, and model positive ways to live in a constantly-connected world.

If you’re looking for ways to cut your own screen time down, check out this post, How I Changed my Screen Time Habits in 2 Weeks.

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Marian Muldrow
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