Kids Business Day: Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Kids Business Day: Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit
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Has your child begged you to let them sell lemonade in your neighborhood? Or tried to convince you to open a bakery in your kitchen? Do they make crafts and jewelry nonstop and you’ve thought to yourself, “You could sell this!” They aren’t alone! (And you aren’t either, with all those beads, chocolate chips, and other curious creations strewn around your home.)

Or have you been looking for new ways to teach your children about working hard, seeing projects through to the end, or getting over their nerves and self-consciousness?

Kids Business Day might be just the event you’ve been looking for.

This is an annual event that gives kid entrepreneurs (ages 7-14) a real-life opportunity to let their ideas and creations shine. From DIY crafts, delicious baked goods, handmade jewelry, and everything in between (even a petting zoo!), it’s always an exciting lineup of businesses on display.

This year, Kids Business Day will be hosted on Sunday, September 10, from 2:00-5:00 PM at Big O’s Golf Carts in Peachtree City.

The entrepreneurial spirit is celebrated and rewarded in a big way throughout the event. Each child’s business is gently critiqued and the top three receive recognition and cash rewards based on “Best Display,” “Most Enthusiastic,” and “Most Creative.”

Kids Business Day: Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit
Kids Business Day: Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit
Kids Business Day: Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit
Kids Business Day: Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Besides the excitement of sharing their creations and earning a profit, it’s proven to be a valuable experience in teaching these young entrepreneurs real-life lessons – like the satisfaction of working hard, learning from their mistakes, cheering on others, overcoming nervousness, discovering their unique talents, and more. It’s a valuable lesson to learn early in life – that it’s not all about making money – and the young entrepreneurs can focus on skills that will help them be successful down the road.

And of course, everyone loves to finish the day with full pockets and an even greater sense of accomplishment. Maybe that lemonade stand is just the start of something great!Kids Business Day: Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

The number of businesses at Kids Business Day has grown in participation and popularity each year. This year – the 6th year running – is expected to have the biggest turnout yet.

To join the lineup of kid entrepreneurs at this event, registration is required.

Mark your calendar and be sure to invite friends and family to come and support these creative and hard-working kids.

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