Five Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Five Ways Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
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Unpopular opinion, but I’ve never been a fan of the leprechaun shenanigans (or naughty elves, but I digress). Something about encouraging mischief just never sat well with me. I do, however, love holidays and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception!

I stick to all things green, rainbows, and feeling lucky! Here are 5 of my favorites ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day:

  1. Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets: If I’m lucky, I even score the rainbow-colored ones that say, Lucky.
  2. Lucky Charms: I’ve made a myriad of recipes that involve the cereal over the years, but I always come back to the simple box (or individual cup) and bars. The bars always go on sale the week before, so I snag them up, tie a tag and bow on them and send them to my kids’ classes as a fun and easy snack for the day.
  3. Rainbow Hunt: I’ve done this one of two ways… hide different color crayons with clues attached or cut a picture of a rainbow into pieces and hide them. Both ways lead my kids with clues to the final prize, usually, a box of St. Patrick’s Day-themed donuts.
  4. Go Green: You can dye just about anything green with a little bottle of food coloring…milk, pancakes, buttered toast, sugar, mac & cheese…the possibilities are endless!
  5. St. Patrick’s Day Gifts: I love spreading cheer and small holidays are the perfect opportunity for giving! We make little gifts for our neighbors, teachers, friends, family…just about anyone! We stick to things that are green, rainbow, or lucky. I usually start in the snack aisle and grab whatever fits the criteria. I add a tag that says we are lucky to have them in our lives and it makes a perfect gift!

Do you do anything fun around your home to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Sandra Chung
Sandra is a so-southern, second-generation Korean-American, born and raised in Rome, Georgia. She moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech and never left! She and her husband, Alex, live in Smyrna with their two daughters, Mia and Emmie. They are a tight-knit family that enjoys adventures, travel, and pajama days at home! Sandra has a passion for celebrations, both large and small…from holidays to birthdays to random Tuesdays…she loves them all! She recently began sharing her passion on Instagram @sandracelebrates and is excited to share her entertaining, crafting, and family fun ideas on Atlanta Mom!


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