Disney Cruise with Toddlers

Disney Cruise with Toddlers
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Thinking about a Disney cruise with your toddler? Bibbidi bobbidi boo, read on for the lowdown.

1. A “Dashing” Character encounter: Skip the scorching lines – on a Disney Cruise Line (DCL), your little one can score character hugs faster than you can utter “Mickey Mouse,” with the swiftness of a Peachtree Street sprint! While there might be some lines, keep an eye on the constantly changing itinerary for priority access. It’s a whole different experience from theme park lines, and you might even spot characters around the ship without any wait. Keep in mind though that character greetings may not be for every toddler. They may be little ones scared of the big costumes and that’s okay because their Princess around as well. Make sure to have something to capture their autograph!


2. Diaper Disposal Charm: Bid adieu to diapers with an elegant touch. On Disney cruises, the diaper disposal charm within your cabin adds a touch of magic to the process, transforming disposal into a delightful experience. Just make sure to ask your cleaning crew to empty it daily for a seamless enchantment.”

3. Slumber pads fit for Sleeping Beauty: DCL offers slumber pads fit for a royal nap or sleep – simply request a playard or opt for convertible sofa rails for added security. Relax knowing the playard will be daily set up by the cabin crew during turndown service. It’s more than beauty sleep; it’s the pinnacle of Disney magic at its finest. 


4. Culinary Delights for Tiny Royalty and their Regal companions: Whether dealing with picky eaters or mini food critics, Disney cruise kitchens have kid-friendly delights and purees on speed dial. Mango yogurt was an everyday staple. It’s as if they have a direct line to your toddler’s taste buds! Enjoy the magical and blissful Mickey waffles.

Additionally,  keep an eye out for special adult beverages served in fun cups. Don’t forget to inquire about the drink of the day in the restaurants, which may come with a souvenir artifact at an additional cost. Plus, indulge in 24/7 room service for a royal dining experience at any hour.


5. Toddler Extravaganza: Immerse your little peach in delightful playtime during toddler sessions, featuring a specially set-up room with toys used about twice daily. Join open house events, exploring the areas where big kids play, creating enjoyment for everyone. For the tots in diapers, the splash pad area is their kingdom, ensuring they’ll love every moment! It’s worth noting that tots in diapers are not allowed inside the pools. With Disney-themed fun, it’s toddler entertainment elevated to a whole new level!


Hot Tip: Little girls and boys can get a makeover and dress up at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, but they need to be 3 years old. Hack? I brought my hair glitter spray (I got it on sale after Halloween). However, I did purchase a Mickey Captain costume for the boutique that I was obsessed with, you could bring your own. The smallest size was big on him as he was about 14 months – but nothing folds couldn’t be fixed. This mouse mama’s dream was complete!

bippiddi boppidi

6. Parents, It’s Your Turn: Adult events and shows beckon while your toddler enjoys the time of their life elsewhere. It’s a mom’s night out but on the open sea! Delight in adult time at shows like “Beauty and the Beast” which is a must-do experience, while your little one is having a blast or peacefully napping in the onboard nursery. It’s akin to a mini-vacation for all of you – one filled with genuine grown-up conversations. Keep in mind, since kiddos in diapers are not allowed in pools, take advantage and reserve some nursery time for the big kids and adults to enjoy the amazing water slides and pools on the ship. There is an Adult-Only area with a pool as well. Also, reserving the nursery for your toddler ensures a smoother experience for everyone. Consider making time for you and reserving nursery time during the first days of sail in case anyone gets sick.


Hot tip for Mamas: if no one wants to wake up early, scoop up to the enchanting coffee bar and get yourself an amazing coffee with a character of your choice (boujee magical coffee does come with an extra cost, but well worth it).

Mickey Latte

7. Sailing Safely: Prepare for potential seasickness and other ailments at sea by packing medications for seasickness, diarrhea, constipation, and acid reflux. Considering the likelihood of overeating, be proactive, as stores are closed during port calls. While the ship has a clinic, keep in mind that clinic times are limited, and seeing a doctor outside those hours can incur high costs. Better to be safe than sorry, so ensure you pack your meds and assemble a safety kit for a worry-free voyage.

8. Who’s the fairest door of them all? Infuse a touch of whimsy to your cruise experience by adorning your door with creative decorations. Only opt for magnets to bring out the fun – it’s an enjoyable way to make your door stand out and add a personalized touch to your magical sea adventure!

Disney Cruise with Toddlers

9. Pin Trading Pleasure: Elevate your family fun on the cruise by bringing along pins to trade. Engage in the delightful tradition of pin trading, creating memorable moments and connections with fellow cruisers. It’s a fantastic activity that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your adventure!

10. Capture the Memories: Consider opting for the digital photo package to effortlessly collect all your pictures – it’s well worth it. Seize the opportunity to capture precious family moments or striking solo pictures. If your cruise aligns with a holiday, make the most of it. I witnessed a brilliant idea on a November cruise where a family wore matching pajamas for their family picture – a perfect concept for holiday cards. Don’t miss out on turning your cruise memories into cherished keepsakes!

Disney Cruise with Toddlers

Imagine the joy of a Disney cruise with your toddler! I am all for it.

From swift character hugs to regal naps and delightful culinary experiences, the magic is endless. Sail with safety, trade pins, and capture those enchanting moments. Your little ones are in for a journey filled with Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo delights – embark on this magical adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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