Coding is Cool with Coolmath Coding

Coding… when I was in college, this was a class I dreaded, but was forced to take for my degree. I put in my time, pulled off an A, moved on, and never looked back.
Hello World (iykyk), goodbye coding!

Little did I know that in the future, coding would be cool. It seems that coding has gotten a major facelift over the years and now actually APPEALS to kids. And why do I love this (even if the word “coding” brings on a little college PTSD)? Well, because I understand it’s benefit. My son loves it and, while he may think he’s getting away with a little extra electronics time, he’s actually exercising creativity, logical thinking, math skills, and problem solving.

While I “run” most of the household, my husband takes lead on all things tech in our house, including kid’s devices. So when my son asked if he could try out Coolmath Coding, he and my husband sat down to explore the program together. And while I was prepping dinner, they dove in… and they emerged for dinner with all smiles.

Coolmath Coding

Here’s what I learned about Coolmath Coding over dinner:

– The program simplifies complex forms of coding that are used to develop Minecraft and Roblox. They’ve tried to code directly into Roblox studio in the past and my 9 year old found it complicated and difficult. Coolmath Coding helped him bring his Roblox idea to life on screen.

Cool Math Coding

– It uses a visual drag-and-drop editor that teaches you how to create Minecraft mods and Roblox games that you can actually play with friends.

– The tutorials are great! They walk you through every step of the process. They build on each other as well, so you continue to learn and utilize all the skills you are taught.

– It is a ton of fun and attention grabbing. Unlike other coding programs, you are able to jump right in without a ton of background training and knowledge. Within minutes you have an actual working game that you can play with.


Coolmath Coding helped my son bring his Roblox and Minecraft ideas to life on the screen.


All of this is music to this mama’s ears! We’ve spent SO much money for summer coding camps where, at pick up, my son reports that he basically spent the day typing exactly what the instructor told him. He may have well used copy+paste. He definitely wasn’t using his creativity and learning anything tangible.  So much money down the drain, but now with Coolmath Coding that has all changed.

Coolmath Coding is FREE for the first month and incredibly affordable following your trial! Consider it kid tested and MOM approved!



This post is sponsored by Coolmath Coding, but all opinions are our own!
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