Celebrating TWOsday:: 2/22/22


My mind was blown at the realization that February 22, 2022, falls on a Tuesday. That means it’s TWOsday, 2/22/22!

Celebrating TWOsday:: 2/22/22My first thought was, “such a special day deserves a special celebration!” My next thought was, “simmer down, sister, it’s a Tuesday and you don’t have time to celebrate a thing.” {sigh} I pushed it out of my mind and forgot all about it until about a week ago when my 10-year-old said to me, “OMG, did you know that February 22, 2022, falls on a TWOsday??  We have to celebrate, right?!”

Apple, meet Tree. Why YES, my sweet little apple, we DO need to celebrate! It’s completely unnecessary, extremely cheesy, and we are here for it. It won’t be a party and I won’t be decorating a thing, but you better believe we will be celebrating and so can you!

Here are some fun {EASY} ideas that will be sure TWO make this special TWOsday memorable for your whole family:

TWO desserts Celebrating TWOsday:: 2/22/22

TWOlipsCelebrating TWOsday:: 2/22/22

A new TWObe of toothpaste


Taco TWOsday

TWOcan Sam Breakfast

TWOna sandwich or TWOna sushi

Wear a TWO-TWO 

Watch carTWOns

Frozen TWOmstone Pizza

Sing and dance to your favorite TWOns

So what do you say? Will you be celebrating TWO? 

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