Boo! :: Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

Y’all, it’s October, and I am here for the booze err, I mean BOOs! I love to celebrate all holidays, but Halloween is quite possibly my favorite because it’s not a holiday that has to be taken seriously…it’s all about whimsy and fun and anything goes! We change up how we decorate and how we celebrate each year but no matter what, we celebrate all. month. long!

Boo! :: Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

Here are a few easy ideas to make Halloween fa-BOO-lous for your littles!  


I love candy as much as the next gal, but I have room in my heart for healthy treats too! I turn yogurt-covered frozen bananas into ghost pops by adding a couple of eyes and a mouth with a tiny bit of melted dark chocolate…easy peasy! Although these make great “desserts,” I usually serve them on busy mornings for breakfast. My littles feel like they’re getting a special Halloween treat while I feel good about feeding them a healthy breakfast that took 2 seconds to pull out of the freezer! Win-win!

BOO-cuterie Boards 

Charcuterie boards are traditionally made up of various cured meats but as of lately, they’ve popped up everywhere in all shapes, sizes, and components and I have to say, I’m not the least bit mad about it! I’ve served my family many a meal in the form of a charcuterie board and every single time, they gobble it all up, fruits and veggies and all!  For Halloween, I turn regular boards into special BOOcuterie boards by breaking out my ghost cookie cutter!  I cut out ghost cheese slices, ghost sandwiches, ghost waffles, ghost pound cake, and ghost just-about-anything to my charcuterie boards and they instantly become a festive treat!  No time to cut out ghost-shaped foods?  How about toothpicks with ghost stickers attached, poking out of your board?

BOO-berry Shortcake

Poundcake slices cut into ghosts + sliced strawberries + whipped cream…and if you’re feeling extra crazy, a scoop of ice cream = strawberry shortcake, Halloween edition!  This will be the easiest dessert you’ll serve!  I have many great poundcake recipes but I am also a big fan of store-bought poundcake!  This is a great dessert to serve to a crowd.  You could assemble them in individual cups or simply let your guests build their own!  Kids love cutting out their own ghosts too!

BOO BinsBoo! :: Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

There’s no shortage of Halloween snacks in the grocery store! I love to take all of our favorites and tuck them into a festive container and leave them out on display all month long!  They serve as decorations and a self-service snack station for my littles. I always try to incorporate a few healthy options with the not-so-healthy snacks. By putting them in individual bins, my girls eat a good variety rather than only eating the junk since I never refill their bins until it’s empty! I use cheap Halloween pumpkin pails for our bins, but you could use just about anything you’d like!

BOO-ing Boo! :: Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

Boo-ing neighbors has always been a fun tradition to look forward to each Halloween! In case you aren’t familiar, “boo-ing” simply means you put together some kind of Halloween gift and secretly leave it at your neighbor’s doorstep. Once you’ve been boo’d, you then pay it forward by boo-ing 2 other neighbors. My family loves to boo our neighbors but a few years ago, I decided we would also boo each other! Rather than leaving secret treats, we do something nice for someone in our family and leave a little note to let them know what’s been done…”I folded your laundry for you.” “I took your backpack to the car.” “Here’s a joke to make you laugh.” The possibilities are endless! Much like traditional boo-ing, once you’ve been boo’d, you pay it forward and boo someone else in the family! We are a family of 4 so it honestly turns out to be a month of constantly doing nice things for each other. But hey, what’s wrong with that??

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What are some fun ways you and your family get in the Halloween spirit? Share below! 


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