6 Reasons to Love the New Cinderella Adaptation

Every once in a while, a family-friendly film comes out that makes us so happy to have children. It gives us a reason to watch the film or series over and over, and continue watching even after they’ve fallen asleep (in my case, twice already).  

6 Reasons to Love the New Cinderella AdaptationThe latest Cinderella adaptation on Amazon Prime featuring Camila Cabello is the perfect Sunday evening program. Here are six reasons to love it:

  1. Camila Cabello as Cinderella. Not only is Cabello beautiful and full of talent, but she is also so utterly relatable to most young women and, she is likable. We can also believe that she is actually singing – because she is Camila Cabello.
  2. The Music. The highlight of this is the remake of pop tunes like “Am I Wrong?” by Nico and Vinz, “Someone to Love” by Queen – in which the cast sings a respectable rendition. There are also originals cleverly sung by the town crier – artist and rapper Ben Bailey Smith – who narrates what is happening throughout the tale.
  3. The Styling. Gorgeous and thought-out the costumes, styling, and casting definitely take the “period pieces” concept to a heightened level, in one instance – the gold ornamentation painted on the bare head of a background dancer.
  4. The Timeliness. New productions have understandably been put on hold over the last 18 or so months – so the release of Cinderella gives us a glimmer of magic, hope, escapism, and a bit of fantasy that we all need in these times.
  5. The Message. I’ve often thought of what a disservice it is to young girls (and boys) who are taught that “happily ever after” is contingent on being rescued by a prince who will save the day. This adaptation is clearly aiming at being “woke” without being too PC. Spoiler alert: the protagonist realizes she doesn’t need to marry the prince for her happily ever after.
  6. There’s No Villain. There are moments where we deplore the cruelty of Vivian, the Wicked Stepmother (played by Idina Menzel) but then she’s offered the opportunity to redeem herself by sharing a personal story of her missed opportunities and the fact that she’s just trying to do right for her own children.

Have you seen the new Cinderella? Tell us your thoughts!

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