5 Binge-Worthy Shows Worth Your Time

It’s finally that time of the year! No, not “that” time of the year. Not the most wonderful time of the year. We still have a couple of before that. It’s that time when kids are back to school and some of us find ourselves a little downtime! (Some mothers may argue that it is, in fact, the most wonderful time of the year.)

Truth be told, for some of us, our kids still might not physically be back in school. But if and when the kids spend their days behind school doors, do you know what that means for us moms?

Well…it doesn’t mean much. Most of us stay-at-home-moms look forward to several hours of peace and quiet so we can fold laundry uninterrupted, or maybe even visit the grocery store without a little sidekick asking to purchase every single item you pass. But in-between these thrilling mom-life activities? Moms, this is your chance to check out some binge-worthy shows, guilt-free. Turn on and tune in, with reckless abandon. 

5 Binge-Worthy Shows Worth Your Time

5 Binge-Worthy Shows:

  1. Peaky Blinders: this show (Netflix) tells the story of the Shelby family of gangsters set in Birmingham, England in the early 1900s. The casting and the music are so well done, with some major guest stars to boot. Make sure to watch with the subtitles on (the show is in English, but with a thick British accent that I struggled to understand at times). 
  2. Yellowstone: (Paramount) Has anyone NOT seen Yellowstone at this point? This show tells the fictional story of the Dutton Family, the largest private ranch owners in the United States. The show details the family’s struggles to keep the land while in conflict with both the Native Americans in the area and the land developers wishing to monetize the land. Kevin Costner at his absolute finest!
  3. Game of Thrones: (HBO) I’ll admit, I was a latecomer to Game of Thrones. For several years, I would periodically try to watch with my husband but I was so lost and there were so many storylines and characters that I could not follow along. Finally, before the final season premiered, I binge-watched the entire series from premiere to the end and WOW.  The hype is real. I cannot begin to explain what the show is about; just do yourself a favor and watch.
  4. The Wire: (HBO) Another show that took me years to come around to, but my husband might annul our marriage if I didn’t give this one credit. The Wire takes place in Baltimore, MD, and shares the stories of the relationship between law enforcement, and different organizations around the city. It explores drugs and criminal activity, and dirty cops, and corrupt government. It is so gritty and raw and there is truly no other show like it.
  5. Homeland: (Showtime) I can’t believe this wasn’t the first show that popped into my head! Homeland is wildly thought-provoking and a non-stop adrenaline ride. The show kicks off as the US gets word that a prisoner of war, who has been captured and held by Al-Queda, will be released back to the United States. An unstable CIA Operative named Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes) becomes convinced that the POW has been “turned” by the enemy…and chaos ensues. My favorite part about this show is that it is always so unpredictable, and the creator was never afraid to kill off major characters. A MUST watch. 

What are your favorite binge-worthy shows? They might make our next list!