5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s June and that means Father’s Day is right around the corner, so I decided to share a few gift ideas (consider this a mini gift guide, if you will) for your favorite father or father figure in your life.

Ekster Wallet

The Ekster wallet is a slim wallet that fans out cards when you click a button. The wallet comes with an expandable backplate so you can hold more cards. You can even add a tracker to the wallet.

Above Ground by Clint Smith

I just recently read this book and loved it. Above Ground is a poetry collection that explores fatherhood and reflects on race and this current era. There were some funny poems as well as some heartbreaking ones.

The Dadalorian Graphic T-shirt

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like The Mandalorian so I had to include this graphic t-shirt from the CustomTeeBar. I love that the t-shirt doesn’t have the standard “Best Dad Ever” message. If you want to check out some other Father’s Day t-shirts, click here.

Best Dad Ever Mug

Target always has the best mugs. If you’re having difficulty finding a gift, buying a mug is one of the easiest and safest gifts. Pair the mug with your Dad’s favorite box of coffee, teas, etc., and include his favorite treat or a gift card.

Check out this page for some more ideas on things to put in coffee mugs for gifts.

Gift cards

Some may say that giving a gift card is an impersonal gift, but I disagree. If you know which stores your Dad, husband, etc., likes to shop at, get a gift card from there or buy a prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift card so he can shop at any store. Sometimes there are just too many options to choose from, so why not let the gift receiver decide for himself what he wants to get himself?

Do you have any Father’s Day gift ideas? If so, drop them in the comments.

If you are looking for a homemade idea, be sure to check out this free printable from Atlanta Mom.


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