This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. {Sponsored Post}

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{Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, the experience, words, and opinions are 100% my own.  I am over the moon to have discovered Nadeau!}

A Day spent with Furniture with a Soul

It was probably five years ago, B.C. (before children) that my husband and I purchased a white couch. It was an expensive, special ordered white couch, that we spent my entire work bonus on. Our old couch was from our college days and had been used by my husband’s bandmates for many years, so you can imagine the condition it was in. So we decided we needed an “adult” piece of furniture. Our first big purchase as a married a couple. A white couch. You can throw in the “bless her heart” right here.

Flash forward to present day and that couch is in our basement. Because kids. This is why we can’t have nice things. Not only do they change your life, but they take over every crevice of your house and force you to put your nice things in the basement. And because children have FOMO (fear of missing out), they don’t want to play with their toys in the gasp…playroom. No, they want to be right smack dab in the middle of the kitchen and living room, so that you can give them a standing ovation for every Lego piece they connect together.


So I’m putting my foot down before one more goody bag, happy meal, or grandparent spoiling toy comes into this house. I’m on a mission to find a pretty, adult looking, kid-friendly storage solution for this chaos. I simply refuse to add plastic tubs to my décor, I don’t have Joanna Gaines design skills, and you won’t find me scouring Goodwill to find junk to restore with chalk paint. Just not happening.

With not wanting to spend another work bonus (not that I have one), or file for divorce over putting together IKEA furniture again, I went on a treasure hunt. And I found it! My new go-to furniture store, that has affordable (and I’m cheap, y’all), unique and handcrafted, solid wood pieces from around the globe, Nadeau Furniture in Buckhead. Now apparently I have been smothered by two toddlers and never heard of Nadeau, until I had the absolute delight of meeting the store manager at their Buckhead location, Julie Edwards. She and I instantly connected and discovered that we are basically kinfolk from our days in Alpha Delta Pi at Valdosta State University. It’s a small world out there, folks.

Julie Nadeau

Julie gave me the complete Nadeau experience and told me about her travels over to India, where she spends two weeks shopping for “furniture with a soul” to bring back to us southern souls here in Georgia. And she totally gets us. Pops of color everywhere, antique wood, railway iron, and the best part is nothing is mass produced. I found so many options in the store that would be a perfect statement piece in my home that could also double as toy storage. No more plastic bins or unsightly toys stuffed into corners. Real grown-up pieces with the functionality families are looking for when they are making their house feel like a home…not a daycare center. Ya feel me, mamas?

Look at all these options I found! Can’t you see storing toys into these fun pieces?

Oh, and my favorite part is that Julie is super active with keeping Nadeau’s Instagram and Facebook pages updated with pictures and prices (don’t you love when they list the price) of their newest inventory. This way you can get a sneak peek of what’s in the store without having to give your kids the “don’t touch anything” speech. Although, I will say the store is definitely kid friendly.

So there you have it, mamas. Now throw away those plastic storage bins and get yourself down to Nadeau in Buckhead! Because maybe we can have nice things after all…maybe.


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Candence is an outgoing introvert who makes awkward first impressions. She moved to Atlanta from South Georgia 10 years ago when she followed her then rock star boyfriend, now husband of 7 years, to the big city. After struggling with infertility for two years they finally welcomed a daughter in 2012, Finley (age 3). Just 7 months later, they were shocked to be pregnant with their surprise blessing, another little girl, Piper (age 2). With two little girls just 15 months apart, she is constantly on the verge of crazy and is so far from crunchy she has dubbed her parenting style as “soggy.” Along with being a full time mom, Candence also works as a director of a small non-profit charity. You can usually find her if you follow the sound of Taylor Swift blaring from her house, but please don’t forget to bring the margaritas! 


  1. Candence, I swear my husband and I say “this is why we can’t have nice things…” at least once a week. B.C. it was because of our 3 dogs (of which we let have free reign over the house, sofas, and our bed). Now that the dogs have been trained to stay off furniture, it’s the toddler we have to watch. We currently have a nice 6″ greasy chapstick mark on our “adult” sofa we splurged on. We too, have a ton of great pieces from Nadeau!

  2. “This is why we can’t have nice things” made me laugh. I HATE our couch SO MUCH (it’s from my husband’s previous marriage, it’s plaid, I think that says it all!) but I know it’s too ridiculous to buy a couch when we have a toddler. Someday… someday.

  3. Oh my gosh… I might have just fallen in love with a furniture store over the interweb. Wow! I have already followed them on IG and Facebook before even finishing the article.

    I feel the same way about plastic bins in my living room… so I have a lopsided big brown basket from Target that my little one has sat on or played in as a fort so that it doesn’t quite hold the same appeal anymore.

    Oh – and as far as buying grown up furniture… I waited until my two kids were older and bought the big leather sectional… and then got pregnant. *sigh*

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