Organized by Kam! My Experience

We all want to be more organized, am I right? We scroll through Pinterest and see impeccably designed, totally organized spaces with gleaming surfaces and think, “If only.” But the reality is that people live in our homes and they rarely look Pinterest-worthy. Or if they are organized, we are probably too exhausted to enjoy them. But maybe there is a better way. Maybe we just need a little help. Enter- Organized by Kam!

My experience with Kamela began with a phone call. She is so energetic and easy to talk to and she immediately asked me, “What areas of your house could we work on to make your days run more smoothly?” After about 1/2 a second, I replied, “Our homeschool room could use some serious help!” We talked for a few more minutes about what was frustrating me and other areas that could use improvement (our living room) and then scheduled a time for her to come over.

Now, let me be honest. I had to REALLY restrain myself from trying to fix everything before she came over. You know, like how you’re worried your house is too dirty for a cleaning lady? But I resisted and left things as-is so she could see what we were really dealing with. She came over and immediately got to work. And there was some work to do: 

After discussing what we were currently doing with all the STUFF in our “school room” (which also serves as a LEGO room and video-game room), she kicked me out (in the nicest way) and worked some magic. Seriously. 

Kam is fantastic. Here’s the evidence:

  1. She mostly used stuff I already had in the room. She just used it WAY more efficiently than I was using it. And the items she brought in, though few, really simplified things (like the LEGO containers)! Also, she has great taste.
  2. My kids were so excited to use the newly organized space that after she left (on Friday afternoon) they ALL 3 said they couldn’t wait for school on Monday!
  3. My oldest daughter was so inspired by Kam’s work that she took it upon herself to organize her younger sister’s desk the next day!
  4. After using the room for several days I can honestly say, things actually are running more smoothly! Items are easier to find and easier to put back. Her systems make sense with how we use the space and didn’t add more work.

Here’s the photographic proof:

Kam also gave me a prototype of her Organizational Binder to try out and it is really great. I do most of my calendar-type stuff online (meal plans, kids’ schedules, etc.) but I really love the idea of having a place to jot things down when I need a break from the screen or when it’s not the most convenient. And the binder is really beautiful, so that makes me more likely to use it!


Organized by Kam! gets an A+ in the Nixes book. Check out her website or find her on Facebook and let her bring some sanity back into your life!


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