Paula Nix is a native of Georgia and Cherokee County. She currently lives in Woodstock with her husband of 18 years, Spencer, and their three children, Piper, Haddyn, and Judson. A former special education teacher, she now homeschools her kids and teaches a writing class for other homeschool families once a week. In her free time, she enjoys reading, leading book clubs (including Books & Brews at Reformation Brewery in Woodstock), and exploring the outdoors with her family. She also enjoys searching out great food and drink in the Metro area with her husband!
Decluttering with Kids : One Messy Journey | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Decluttering with Kids- One Mom’s Messy Journey

I am a minimalist at heart. I am not sentimental at all- I throw away birthday cards and old high school mementos with gusto. Clear, uncluttered space makes me happy. But I am not the...
Doing the Right Thing | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Sometimes (Most of the Time) Doing What’s Best is Hard

Sometimes (most of the time), doing what’s best for your kids is hard. I think that, as moms, we really try to deny this reality. We think that if we just implement the right...
Winter Reading for Moms | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Winter Reading for Moms

Winter in Georgia can be...unpredictable. Snow and ice one weekend, sunny and warm the next. But one thing has been true for us most winters with kids- it’s a bit of a slower season....
The Secret to a Great Marriage | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

The Secret to a Great Marriage

This year, I will celebrate 19 years of marriage to my high school sweetheart. I definitely love him more now than I did when we said, “I do”. But here’s the more remarkable thing-...
Winter Activities & Books | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

How to Keep the Winter Indoor Fun – Story Time in Metro Atlanta

Ah, winter. It's my favorite season to curl up with a good book or 5, make a pot of coffee in the middle of the afternoon, and relax. By myself. Of course, sometimes the...
Reflections on Resolutions | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Reflections on Resolutions – A New Year Journal

At our house, we are all about simple. I love meaningful traditions, but a scrap-booker or family photo shoot gal I am not. The last time we had family pictures taken with something other...
Simple Acts of Service

Simple Acts of Service for the Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Until...it isn't. Until our kids are asking for ALL. THE. THINGS. And we are looking at our budget asking how to make things "magical" without breaking...
Parenting Big Kids in Atlanta

Parenting Big Kids

I remember when I thought my days would always be filled with diapers and bottles. I was sure I’d always have to carry a diaper bag and have cabinets filled with sippy cups. But,...
Analog Games that Bring Us Together | Family Game Night

Game On- Analog Games That Bring Us Together

 In our increasingly screen-filled world, we are always searching for ways to spend actual face-to-face time with our people. Nothing builds relationships like sitting in the same room with a person, having an actual...
Comparison Thief

What is the Opposite of Comparison? Gratitude.

It was 26th President Theodore Roosevelt who said, "Comparison is the thief of joy." I think most of us know the truth of Roosevelt’s statement. We know that looking around at what others have...