Paula Nix is a native of Georgia and Cherokee County. She currently lives in Woodstock with her husband of 18 years, Spencer, and their three children, Piper, Haddyn, and Judson. A former special education teacher, she now homeschools her kids and teaches a writing class for other homeschool families once a week. In her free time, she enjoys reading, leading book clubs (including Books & Brews at Reformation Brewery in Woodstock), and exploring the outdoors with her family. She also enjoys searching out great food and drink in the Metro area with her husband!

Letting Your Kids Fail

A year ago I read the book The Gift of Failure. As a former teacher and a mom, so much of the book resonated with me. Many of Jessica Lahey’s words made me want...
Uniters, Not Dividers | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Uniters, Not Dividers

Divisive:(adjective) tending to cause disagreement or hostility between people I don’t have to say it. We all know. The climate in our country (world?) right now is incredibly divisive. We are warring factions all day...
The Art of Eating Your Words | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

The Art of Eating Your Words

Early on in our marriage, my husband and I spent a summer in Romania. We loved getting to the know the people there and learning a new culture. One of the cultural oddities we...
Get Your Kids Reading this Summer | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Get Your Kids Reading This Summer

With summer vacation quickly approaching, moms are busy researching camps, splash pads, pool noodle crafts, and a myriad of other activities to keep our kiddos occupied. Books seem like a great idea, but getting...
Teaching our Kids to be Noticers | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Teaching Our Kids to Be Noticers

Whether we are 9 or 39, we all want to be known and seen. If we are having a bad day, a smile and a few kind words can make all the difference. As...
Summer Reading for Moms | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Summer Reading for Moms

Summer is a-coming! Not to make you jealous, but I am FINALLY in the “sit by the pool/beach and read a book” stage of motherhood. Trust me, it is glorious. Yes, sometimes I’m interrupted...
In Defense of the Crazy Baseball Parents | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

In Defense of the Crazy Baseball Parents

"Mom! Can we go out in the yard and throw the ball?" This is the question I get from my 6-year-old son 743 times a day. Sometimes before I've even finished my first cup...
Keep Moms in the Picture {Disney Edition} | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Keep Moms in the Picture- Disney Edition

I have been loving all of the #KeepMomsInThePicture posts on social media and decided to create a Disney Edition. This idea hit home for me when my family was in Disney World recently. Amidst...
4 Tips for Disney on a Budget | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

4 Tips for Doing Disney on a Budget

My family just returned from a magical week at Disney World! It was fun, memorable, and exhausting. We definitely spent a pretty penny for all that magic. But, we did NOT break the bank....
So You're Thinking About Homeschooling | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling

Hi, my name is Paula and I homeschool my 3 kids. Many times, when I share that fact it's met with, "Oh, I could never homeschool my kids!" Can I tell you something? About...