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I had a Miscarriage, Here's What Helped

I had a Miscarriage, Here’s What Helped

A few months ago, we learned that we were expecting our second child. But on the day of our first ultrasound, we learned that the baby was no longer growing and had no detectable...

Talking to My Kids about Difficult Headlines

What do I say to my kids about school shootings and/or other anxiety-provoking news? How do you help your kids feel safe when their world feels out of control? I get many questions on this.  One...

One and Only

Raise your hand if you’re content as a mom of one (most times, my hand will be the first in the air). Ever since giving birth three years ago, I no longer have a...

The Internal Struggle : A Working Mom’s Confession

Growing up, there was never a question as to whether I would have a family or a career; I would have both. I never really envisioned myself as anything but a working mom. Also,...

Every Mama Needs a Little Help and has a Little Help to Give

Motherhood comes with so many strong emotions. Joy, fear, excitement, exhaustion, and most importantly an overwhelming sense of love. It also comes with a lot of new gear. Diapers, diaper bags wipes, clothes, bibs,...
Activities for Seniors | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Best Fitness Activities for Grandparents

You’re never too old to exercise. Being physically active is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Even the act of participating in physical activity, beyond the myriad health benefits we...
Easy Morning Routines {Guest Post} | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Easy Morning Routines

All moms know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, mornings can also be rough with getting kids out of bed, dressed, fed a healthy breakfast, and arriving at school...
What Roswell Moms have been Missing! Burn Bootcamp | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

What Roswell Moms Have Been Missing!! {Sponsored Post}

As mothers, we understand the struggles so many of us face when it comes to our own health. All too often we let ourselves end up on the bottom of the list of priorities. Burn...
One Little Word - Power of Words | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

The Power of Words

It seems that I have been living in the world of “NEXT.” Next week, next month, next year. I have always been organized, a planner. While these can be positive attributes, they can also...
Making Adjustments

Introducing the Mom behind our new “Making Adjustments” Series

Who am I?  That is a great question; and when I figure that out, I’ll let you know. Until then, I will tell you what tribes I hang out with and what I spend my energy...