After residing in Senoia for nearly five years, Diana is finally embracing her inner Georgia Peach. Diana is a widow and mother to her three miracles - Charleigh June, and twins Campbelle (Cami) and Coleson. In addition to her children, she is also a fur-mom to three dogs and six, yes SIX, cats. Diana is a lover of animals, books, wine, Walt Disney World, warm weather, and the finer things in life. She is brutally honest, sarcastic, and sensitive. Diana is passionate about sharing her stories of infertility, loss, and grief. When she's not busy chauffeuring the kids to and from school you can find her cooking, cleaning, volunteering at school, eating BonBons with her Standard Poodles, or at Target.

Happy Third Birthday!!! :: World Prematurity Day :: Our Story, Part 1

Four years ago, Preemie Awareness Day (November 17th) was just another day. While our oldest daughter, Charleigh June, was considered early-term at 36+6 and spent time in the NICU, she wasn't truly classified as...

Happy Third Birthday!!! :: World Prematurity Day :: Our Story, Part 2

Before I knew it the room was quiet again, the twins had been rushed to the NICU, leaving the staff in the OR with me. As my OB sewed me up he told me...

Unbelievable! :: The Plague

We've all been there - a day, week, road trip, or vacation that is such a disaster it's practically unbelievable. Occasionally it contains something so embarrassing you are ashamed to tell others about it....

I Can See Clearly Now :: AKA – I Survived!

August 8th was hands down, one of the most difficult days I've experienced in my four years as a mom. The buildup was intense, but I held it together (barely) until I walked out...
To Pre-K We Go!

To Pre-K We Go!

 I knew someday, likely sooner rather than later, the day would come.  I've dreaded it for some time now, hemmed and hawed over making the big decision. I've tried to justify putting it off...

Take Me Home Country Road

Seven years ago I left Springfield, Illinois a newlywed and moved to the big city of Houston, Texas. Apartment living was tough, the city (and suburbs, for that matter) diverse, and everything was much...

Things You Need to Know About Pregnancy, Delivery, Postpartum & Motherhood

Growing up, or while trying to conceive, we all have this picture in our mind about how beautiful pregnancy will be, and tend to neglect thinking about the 'ugly.'  Pregnancy, delivery (be it a...

Saying Yes to Help :: More Difficult Than it Sounds

Almost four years ago, Charleigh June made me a mother for the very first time. We had waited a long time for that day, and I was determined to be the Best Mommy Ever....

You are Not Alone :: #fliptheswitch :: National Infertility Awareness Week

You never know just how much you want something until you're told you can't have it.  At the age of 18, I was told I wouldn't be able to conceive without the help of...

The Toughest {Best} Decision I Made for My Health :: Endometriosis Awareness

I swear just a few years ago I was was a high school senior plagued with strange pains, awkwardly sitting on the exam table at the Gynecologist. Little did I know at that time...