Six Flags Over Georgia: One Mom’s Guide

When I was a kid, the Mind Bender at Six Flags was my first major roller coaster, like with loops and stuff. I’m not sure how old I was but I remember being scared to death and I was almost certainly shamed by my sister and brother until I finally relented and got in line. Last summer, I got to take my own kids on the Mind Bender. It’s still awesome.

We have been Season Pass holders at Six Flags Over Georgia for the past 2 summers. We’ve been to the park at least a dozen times. And in all those visits, we’ve learned a great deal about what to do (and what NOT to do) to make visiting Six Flags a success! Here are my tips and tricks for enjoying Six Flags:

Timing is Everything

The first rule of theme parks is- get there early. Like, before the gates open. If you’ve ever read a Disney blog (or 20) you know this tip is on every. single. one. It’s true for Six Flags, too. Generally speaking, the park opens at 10:30, but check the website or app (yes, there’s an app) to be sure. Then try to get there 30 minutes prior to opening time. If you’ve bought your tickets before hand, that will save you time. Like most theme parks, if you are ready to go when the gates open, you can ride tons of stuff in the first 2 hours before the place really fills up. 

Also, in our experience, July is MUCH busier than June. Honestly, the earlier in the summer season you go, the better. They usually open the last week in May, and if your kids are out of school (or you homeschool or have preschoolers) it’s a great time to visit. Finally, if you want to do the water park (Hurricane Harbor, within the Six Flags park) go when it first opens at noon. 

Oh, and don’t rule out going later in the year! We visited during Christmas break last year and were really glad we did! The lights were really lovely and the park wasn’t crowded at all.

Six Flags Over GeorgiaThere Really is Something for Everyone

When we first went last year, I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough for my then 5-year-old (who is pretty short) to ride. I was wrong! There are a ton of fun things for little guys! First, there are the 2 official “kid” sections- DC Superfriends and Bugs Bunny Boomtown. Boomtown is more for the preschool set, with Acme Trucks, a little Ferris wheel, and Bucket Blasters where the kids can squirt each other (and you). DC Superfriends has more “thrilling” stuff for older kids including the Superman Tower of Power, the Wonder Woman ride (which feels so good when it’s hot!) and the Joker Funhouse Coaster. Then there are the kid-friendly rides throughout the park. Our favorites are the hundred-year-old Carousel, the antique cars, and the Log Jamboree. All of these are good for kids 36 inches and over.

If you have smaller thrill-seekers, there are some coasters in the park with a 42-inch height requirement- Mindbender and Scream Machine. My now six-year-old rides Mindbender at least twice every time we go! The Justice League ride just opened this summer with a 42-inch height requirement and it is fantastic! And of course, for your bigger thrill seekers, there are so many options. Dare Devil Dive, Blue Hawk, and Twisted Cyclone all have 48-inch height requirements. At 54 inches, the entire park is open to your kids! My 9-year-old was so excited this year that she can now ride everything- from Goliath to Acrophobia! Find the full height list here.

Ways to Save $$

A trip to any theme park is not cheap, Six Flags is no exception. But there are ways to save money. First, don’t ever pay the full price at the gate. You can ALWAYS find a discount of some sort. Check the website and see what promotions they are running, tickets are often cheaper there. If your child is in school, see if they participate in the Six Flags Read to Succeed program which allows kids to earn free tickets (Please note: The 2021 program is suspended due to COVID). Or, if you have a friend who’s a Season Pass holder, see if you can tag along with them and snag a discount (or even get in free) with their admission.

Unfortunately, you can’t bring food into the parks. I hate this rule! But, you can bring in empty water bottles and have them filled with ice water at any beverage stand. You can also pack a picnic in your car and skip out to eat at some point during the day. If your kids (or adults) have food allergies, you can bring in food. Just let them know that at the front when they search your bag.

Also, if you think your family would enjoy Six Flags AND White Water (which is owned by Six Flags) seriously look into Season Passes. We bought ours in May because a friend posted a sale on Facebook when they were $49.99 for a 2-Park Season Pass- which includes unlimited admission to Six Flags, White Water, and free parking at both! It was actually cheaper to buy the passes than to go to each park ONCE and pay to park.  And passes come with lots of coupons, including offers to save on food, drinks, and admission for friends. If you want to look into passes, they *usually* have good sales around Mother’s Day and again around Labor Day.

Be Patient, You’re Not at Disney

I’m just going to say it. We like Six Flags, we really do. But Disney World it is not. Lines may feel slow and very inefficient. They stagger the opening of the concessions so you may find yourself dying of thirst in the back of the park at 11 am and unable to find ANY place to buy a drink.  The kid sections are seriously lacking in shade. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun- just stop comparing and enjoy yourself ; )

Have you taken your family to Six Flags Over Georgia? What tips would you give? 

*This review is entirely my opinion and was not endorsed/paid for by Six Flags.

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Paula Nix is a native of Georgia and Cherokee County. She currently lives in Woodstock with her husband of 18 years, Spencer, and their three children, Piper, Haddyn, and Judson. A former special education teacher, she now homeschools her kids and teaches a writing class for other homeschool families once a week. In her free time, she enjoys reading, leading book clubs (including Books & Brews at Reformation Brewery in Woodstock), and exploring the outdoors with her family. She also enjoys searching out great food and drink in the Metro area with her husband!