Three Classic Halloween Arts and Crafts Projects with Kids

As quite possibly Atlanta’s least crafty mom, I’ve practically made an art out of avoiding arts and crafts. Until recently, my kiddos were perfectly satisfied with the projects they did at preschool, and I was grateful to outsource a real weakness in my mom game.

Until now. Halloween is my four-year-old’s favorite holiday, and he loves himself a good craft. So I’m stepping up my game and crafting like crazy this fall! I’ve tried each of the projects here – and if I can do them, so can you!

Three Classic Halloween Arts and Crafts Projects with KidsThree Quick and Easy Halloween Arts and Crafts

Footprint Ghosts: Or handprint spiders or footprint candy corn. If you have a baby at home and you want to get them in on the cute keepsake crafts, hand and footprint art is perfect. Of course, if you have a toddler or older kiddo who just likes an excuse to cover themselves with paint, this is for you, too!

For ghosts, simply paint your little one’s foot white then stamp it on a black sheet of construction paper. Let it dry, then use a sharpie to add eyes and a mouth.

If you want to go the spider route, paint each hand black, excluding the thumbs (spiders have eight legs, not ten), and stamp them facing away from each other, palms overlapping. If you’re feeling extra festive, you can use orange paper. Glue on some googly eyes, and you have a painting worthy of any refrigerator!

Pro tip: If you have particularly active kiddo, paint one hand at a time and use a baby wipe to get the paint off asap!

Three Classic Halloween Arts and Crafts Projects with Kids

Decorate Pumpkins: Carve them, paint them, or go my route: stickers! Jack-o’-lanterns are perfect spooky fun for big kids, but if you have a little who wants to do more than pull out the pumpkin’s guts (or a particularly meticulous four-year-old who’s entirely grossed out by it), stickers are the solution. You can find Halloween-themed sticker kits with everything you need to make a silly or scary face, or you can go wild and deck it out with any of the hundreds of sheets of stickers you probably have laying around.

Pro tip: It may sound weird but try washing your pumpkin first. Stickers don’t tend to stay if there’s dirt.

Three Classic Halloween Arts and Crafts Projects with Kids

Cotton Ball Ghosts: (Pictured at the top) This one was an unexpected fan favorite! Outline a ghost on construction paper and let your kiddo fill it in by gluing down cotton balls. Cut out black circles for eyes and a mouth and glue them on top. The big takeaway: Glue is the key to kid craft happiness!

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Happy crafting! What Halloween arts and crafts projects do your kiddos enjoy?

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