Being a new mom, I felt the need to start teaching my daughter from day one. I started taking my daughter to classes as young as two months. Once she got all of her immunizations, I felt okay taking her to different classes and being around other kids.

I started taking my daughter to classes around the area, but primarily to the library. I thought, as a two month old she is going to look around while in her car seat and listen to the stories and music in the room. I didn’t think she really got anything out of them but as I did some research, I found the exposure to music and storytelling help with brain development. It is said early exposure to music increases a baby’s social development, emotional regulation, and most importantly parent-child bonding.

At first, I thought I just needed to get out of the house and be around other moms but then I realized the benefits we were both getting out of these classes. We started with just library classes at first. Then we added music classes at different studios around town. With the variety of activities offered for babies around North Fulton we found something to do everyday. We even found a Zumbini class, which is Zumba with babies. This was so much fun! I got a little exercise in and my daughter was happy and smiling the entire time!

The last activity we did before the pandemic was a kids club at Halcyon. That day they even had a group of Irish dancers because St. Patrick’s day was approaching. My daughter loved sitting in the front row as she watched the dancers and listened to the music playing. I even caught a glimpse of some head bobbing.

As a new mom it is extremely difficult to get out of the house everyday, but it is very important for both you and your baby to explore the different things available. It really helps to keep you sane and your baby happy. As I went to these classes I found many moms were in the same boat. I was happy to see how quickly I found something in common with another mom I had just met. 

I am anxiously waiting to start these classes again both for my daughter’s development and my ability to bond in a different way. I love socializing with my baby and I am ready to do it again, of course when it’s safe.