Storytime Shuffle

After college, I rarely took trips to the library. Once I had my first little one, this drastically changed and once again the library became a regular stomping ground. I discovered the library was an amazing haven for kids and parents. A random trip to the library is one thing, but making it to storytime can be a major task. Most storytimes at local libraries are free to the public and a great way to help with children’s academic and social development. Storytime at the library was an amazing outing for the kiddies but I found myself getting frazzled attempting to make it to the weekly scheduled program. I made many mistakes and frustrating trips to the library trying to make it to storytime with the little ones in tow. I’ve compiled some tips to make story time trips less frustrating.

Confirm Dates and Times:

Nothing is more frustrating than rushing out the house with little ones and arriving at the library only to discover you came on a wrong day. Mom life is tough enough and this could put a damper on the whole day. Confirm the dates and time at your local library before heading out. A great way to stay on top of the dates is grabbing a copy of the library’s calendar and posting it somewhere noticeable, like the fridge. You can also post the dates and time in your smartphone and set a reminder. As moms, we have so much on our plates and this can simplify weekly schedules and organize activities planned for the little ones. 

Find Out Parking Logistics:

Living in the city, parking is always such a hassle. Check the parking logistics of your local library. The library’s website is a good resource to confirm parking availability. My local library is in the heart of the city so parking can be tricky at times. The library has a free parking lot, but it’s a small lot and parking fills up quickly. Searching for parking can take up precious time and missing half of storytime would put a damper on your scheduled activity. Arriving at the library before opening usually gives me luck with securing a spot. The city also has on the street parking available. If you’re in a suburban area, most libraries have ample parking, but it’s always good to check the parking logistics in advance so you won’t have any unexpected delays or frustrations.

Pack Snacks:

After accomplishing leaving the house with kids and finding a parking spot, the last thing you want is a crying baby or toddler having a meltdown. Snacks are always a good way to avoid break downs and unwanted stares. Most libraries understand little ones need nourishment during the day and don’t frown upon moms giving snacks to calm their children down during story time.

Wear Something Comfortable:

Although most storytimes last 30-45 minutes, getting there can be a hike. I suggest wearing something comfortable. No one wants to have sweat stains on their Sunday best. Storytime is a pretty casual setting. Be prepared to sit on the floor with your little one or chase an excited toddler. Comfy gear can make the experience much better.


It can be pretty tempting to sit back and check emails while your little one is being entertained by the librarian, but storytime is not just for your little ones. Storytime is a great bonding activity for parents and their children. Children are more engaged when their parents participate in activities. Parents are children’s best teachers. Engaging in the activities and nursery rhymes is a great way to have your little one’s mimic and learn.

Storytime can be one more thing you’ve conquered!

Be sure to share with us the tips and tricks used to conquer your storytime routine.

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Jane Benson
I am a graduate of Florida State University. I’ve lived in Atlanta for about ten years and reside in Midtown Atlanta. My husband and I moved away for a few years to the New England area and Central Florida and we are glad to be back in Atlanta. There is no place like home! I worked in the Finance/Insurance industry for ten years and now I am a stay at home mom. I have a three year son and a ten month old son. I also teach a music and movement class for children and their caregivers. I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring the city. I am excited to discover what Atlanta has to offer for our growing family and our little ones.