Podcast Round Up: How I Entertain Myself in the Car

To me, there is nothing better than turning on the radio and hearing some Rob Base or a little Naughty by Nature. I love my old school radio station. But in the last year, I have been getting more and more hooked on NPR, which has led me to podcasts. There is so much original content out there, and now, most times when I get in the car, I am firing up the purple Apple button on my iPhone instead.

Here are a few on my radar:


I am an NPR junkie – Saturdays are my favorite. Some “don’t miss” podcasts from them include:

  • Car Talk – This show has lived on past its broadcasting years, and you’ll know why after the first few minutes. Yes, it’s all about people getting advice for their car problems, but those can range from a funny sound in the engine to how many rocks can one haul in a Saab. And it’s all hilarious.
  • Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me – Hands down the best way to digest the news. Panelists and listeners answer questions about current events and make some very funny observations about our country along the way.
  • This American Life – Based on a weekly theme, the podcast brings people from all walks of life to tell stories that capture a snapshot of their lives.
  • Fresh Air – Topics vary between politics, art, comedy, literature, health, delivered by the soothing voice of the host and her warm, engaging style of interview.


  • 2 Dope Queens – Two best friends put on a comedy show with celebrity guests and personal stories.  
  • The Atlanta Podcast – These hometown guys drink locally brewed beer and talk about Atlanta goings-on, as well as social issues.  
  • One Bad Mother – Plain talk about parenting from two moms at different stages in the game; they are very honest and upfront about the challenges they face.


  • Every Little Thing – Do dogs have belly buttons? How people get the job of seat filler at the Oscars? Did you know self-checkout is 100 years old? These are the little things that turn into big conversations on this podcast.
  • This is Actually Happening – What if? This question, always related to some part of the human experience, is answered in a compelling way in each episode.
  • Ear Hustle – Slang for eavesdropping, Ear Hustle brings you real, raw stories from life inside San Quentin prison, told by the inmates themselves. 
  • The Moth – Storytelling at its very finest.  The sky’s the limit!


  • Criminal – Anything related to murder: the victims, the survivors, the crime, the investigations, the murderers themselves.
  • Serial – A true crime story unfolds over the course of each season of this podcast. 
  • Someone Knows Something – The host of this investigative show goes deep into the mystery of unsolved crimes and tries to find answers.

Important note:  Many of these shows are unscripted, and can deal with sensitive subjects. So there may be some language and adult themes from time to time.  

I would love to hear which podcasts you swear by. Please comment below!