I started out writing about all of the great things we can do using technology during this uncertain time of our new norm, “social distancing” but then I heard the great Lin-Manuel Miranda talking about wrapping up his movie, In the Heights. He said, “I hope we’re all done with this by the end of June so we can watch that movie together, and remember what it’s like to be together.”

That really struck a chord for me. We all use technology to the hundredth degree. Our phones are constantly in our hands. We stream, binge-watch, text and everything in between but being distanced from our friends and even some family members is something we never really had time to think about. Now that all we have is technology, I can personally feel the void.

I miss meeting up with my friends for that much-needed mimosa at Saturday brunch after a long week of work. I miss endless hours of shopping and buying nothing because all we do is complain to each other about how much weight we’ve gained. I miss having things to look forward to. Like seeing my friends on Facebook are interested in attending the same paint and sip class or an outdoor festival and knowing neither one of us will be able to meet up there because it’s been canceled.

The point is, we need each other and not just through technology. We need to be together in person, to laugh, to toast the weekend, to gossip and complain about our spouses and kids. Maybe I’m feeling it more because I’m a Gen X’er. I grew up without the technology and I guess I didn’t realize how much I would miss the human connection until it was no longer there. Yes, we still connect by using technology but trust me when I tell you, it’s not the same.

My hope, of course, is this will all be over soon and we can pick up where we left off. I also hope we look at technology differently. Maybe we’ll all be more willing to put the phones away while spending time together. Let’s bring back the old fashioned, “hang out” mentality. I want to gather, laugh and continue to make future plans – this is what having relationships is all about. Until then, keep the text messages coming, keep sharing the memories with funny videos and memes and keep making plans, we’ll all see each other soon!