Who prepares for a major pandemic?

Who prepares to be quarantined to home?

Who prepares for normal life to be turned upside down in a short time period?

Who prepares to watch what we thought wouldn’t touch us on American soil, spread like wildfire?

Who prepares to worry so much about your aging parents or your children, family members or friends who have underlying health conditions/histories that may negatively impact their well-being?

Who prepares to homeschool your children for days and weeks on end?

Who prepares to work remotely or worry about losing their job, business, income or worse?

Who prepares to face the very real possibility of getting very sick, very fast?

Who prepares to cancel all travel plans indefinitely?

Who prepares for a national and global emergency that directly effects each and every one of us in every way?


Who is ready to stop chasing our old normal and embrace our new?

Who is ready to embrace our most vulnerable and stay home and social distance as an act of love and an act of service to protect us all?

Who is ready to lean on each other more, having more quality time together in ways we were just ‘too busy’ to do before?

Who is ready to come together closer in a way more profound through adversity, through community, through asking for help and giving to those in need?

Who is ready to rise up and become patient, strong, resourceful and creative while teaching our young the important life lessons upon us?

Who is ready to embrace what matters now, instead of chasing the illusion of what doesn’t in this time of crisis?

Who is ready to become open and aware and fully educated on ways we can all do our part to protect? 

Who is ready to embrace the notion that we are in fact all in this together, that no matter the time it takes, we will get through this and ultimately become wiser in the end?

Who is ready to make the sacrifices now, so that we will be better off in the end? 

Who is ready to rethink the collective power of WE versus I.

Who is ready? The time is NOW.

               “Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist.
                     Everything we do after will seem inadequate.” – Michael L.