4 Podcasts to beat Atlanta traffic

Atlanta traffic: it was all fun and games until went I back to work full-time. Then, I had to join the great daily commute down I-75 along with everyone else in their Nissans (is it just me, or is there an overabundance of Sentras and Maximas on the road?!). If you’ve lived here one hot minute, you probably know that traffic is a way of life in the greater Atlanta area. Even if you’re just picking up a couple things at the grocery store.

I found a way to beat – and even enjoy – the commute. Podcasts are sorta like talk radio, sorta like audio books – but way better than both. There are shows out there for every interest, from food to comedy, and everything in between. Including pregnancy and parenting. Check out a few of this working mom’s favorites!   

4 podcasts to beat Atlanta traffic

The Longest Shortest Time

Early parenthood, with all its repetitive tasks and endless nights, is often called the longest shortest time in life. This “parenting show for everyone” features both unique aspects of parenting (like raising young kids on a farm) to struggles that many parents face (maintaining relationships once you have kids and friends don’t).  

Listen to this one: Episode #21, The Numbers. A first-time mom becomes obsessed with her baby’s stats when he is born a month early. 

The Chalene Show

Do you remember Turbo Jam? It was pretty much my life in the early 2000s. Creator Chalene Johnson has taken that infectious positivity and evolved into a business coach. She offers a lot of great life advice, too. Although her focus is on small/online business owners, her strategies for building confidence, maximizing social media and staying motivated are applicable to anyone with a pulse. If you need a personal cheerleader (and who doesn’t?!), listen in. 

Listen to this one: 4/20/2016 – Dealing With People Who Totally Stress You Out. Chalene talks about why we shouldn’t label people as “toxic,” and how to take care of ourselves in these relationships by setting boundaries. 

PregTASTIC Online Radio

Sadly, this podcast is no longer in production, but there is an amazing archive of 256 episodes on just about every pregnancy topic. It will carry you through all nine months. But, the best part about this show? The hosts are a rotating lineup of pregnant women. So as you listen, you feel like you are in a support group. You are following right along with someone else experiencing the same things as you. Each host introduces herself with how many weeks she is and what her current ups and downs are. Once each host delivers her baby, she comes back on the show to share her birth story. 

Listen to this one: Episode 123: Dr. Harvey Karp and Making It Through the 4th TrimesterOne of the most beloved baby experts talks about the “other” trimester and understanding what your new baby is going through. Listening to this episode was a revelation to me – I had no idea what the 4th trimester was, and it helped a lot to hear about it.

This podcast features fascinating human stories about the technology that dominates our lives. The recent “Taking the Lead” series was about two moms trying to create an app to help other working moms have more balance in their lives. The problem? How do you start a business to help working moms when you can’t quite figure out your own work-life balance issues? 

Listen to this one:  Episode #1: The Pain Point. Meet Leslie and Rachael, the founders of “Need/Done,” an app aiming to provide a service for backup childcare and household support. 

New to podcasts? It’s easy peasy to find and listen to content you will love. Check out this guide to get started. 

What do you like to listen to on your commute to work?  

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