A Moms’ Guide to the Georgia Pinners Conference

      Waiting to enter the expo hall!

Do you enjoy crafting? 

Enjoy day-dreaming about having time to craft and or make things? 

Do you spend time browsing Pinterest and looking at fun things you wished you could make? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to check out the Georgia Pinner’s Conference!

What is the Georgia Pinners Conference, you might be wondering? 

The Georgia Pinners Conference is a two-day crafting and making-things event and it’s coming to Atlanta, April 27 – 28 at Cobb Galleria!

My best friend, Marti, and I found out about it last year and decided to make it into an outing for the two of us. We spent those two days learning macrame, photography, cooking, sewing, watercolors, hand-lettering and even closet-organizing! And those were just the sessions we chose to attend. There are many, many more options to fulfill all of your crafting desires! 

    Macrame wall-hanging!

In order to attend the Georgia Pinners Conference, you must purchase tickets. After you purchase tickets, you’ll be able to sign up for the specific sessions that you’re interested in attending. You’ll also have access to the Expo Hall. The Expo Hall consists of rows and rows of booths with retailers along with opportunities to try new crafts! You can choose a one-day or two-day ticket. 

One of my favorite projects – string art! 

There are so many sessions to choose from. The categories include Lifestyle, Food Arts, Beauty and Fashion, Home Decor, DIY, etc. 

Marti and I were so excited to spend TWO WHOLE DAYS together, we really tried to maximize the fun. We met for breakfast the morning of the first day and decided to make a list of what we wanted to accomplish. (We’re also nerds, so we like goals.) 

    GA Pinners Conference Goals! 

Here are some tips from Marti and me on how to make the most of your Georgia Pinners Conference experience: 

  • Decide which ticket you are going to buy for the Conference. 
    • Marti and I turned it into a Girls’ get-away and decided to be there for the full two days. 
    • There’s a “VIPinner” option which gives you a preview the night before, some extra goodies, and also gets you in the Expo Hall early. 
  • When you choose which sessions you want to attend, you can also see how much extra it costs for the kit. Don’t forget to factor that into your costs for the day. 
    • Kits can be purchased ahead of time to make sure you get one. There are only limited quantities available. 
    • Not all sessions require you to purchase extra kits. 
  • If you tend to get sensory overload when there are lots of people and lots of noise, you may want to skip a session and find somewhere quiet to sit and collect yourself. (I’m talking to you, my fellow introverts!) 
  • Bring a granola bar or snack with you and a bottle of water. 
    • The conference takes place at Cobb Galleria, so there are food options available, but sometimes it’s better to have a little something with you, just in case. 
  • In addition to the kits at the sessions, the booths are also selling fun and amazing crafts and or supplies. You may want to budget a little extra in case you see something you can’t live without! 

We did not go to all of the same sessions, but we were together for many of them and would meet in between to share what we learned or what we made while walking through the Expo. For this year’s conference, we did decide we wanted to go to more of the same sessions, which will be SO MUCH FUN. We are both SO EXCITED.  

      Day Two – Still smiling!

Did you attend last year’s conference? What other advice would you give a first-time attendee? Will you be joining me and Marti this year? 

More information on the Georgia Pinners Conference can be found here.