The Busy Mom’s October Bucket List

There are 181 National Days in the month of October alone. That’s the length of an entire school year, which makes for an average of 6 things to celebrate every day! Now, I’m your typical over-planner, under-achiever. (Why, no, I can’t get 5 things done on a preschool morning after all…). And I’m sadly watching our fall weekends fill up with things other than apple-picking and fall festivals, but I still want to make some fun memories this season. So I put together a Busy Mom’s October Bucket List that can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less each day, inspired by a few of those 181 National Days.

Hang it on your fridge, make some quick family memories, and spread a little kindness this month! (Special thanks to Ginny for inspiring me with Sneak Zucchini onto your Neighbor’s Porch Day!)

October 1st: Bake some homemade cookies. (Try this super quick and easy chocolate chip cookie recipe!) Share some with a friend over a cup of coffee.

October 2nd: Name your car.

October 3rd: In honor of Mean Girls Day, send a “just because” text to your friends. Memes encouraged.

October 4th: Tacos for dinner!

October 5th: It’s National Be Nice Day! Do something kind for someone else.

October 6th: Noodle Day!
Clear out the partial boxes of pasta for an old-school art project, or break out the box of mac & cheese for dinner.

October 7th: National Child Health Day
Go for a family walk or try a new vegetable.

October 8th: Play a game of tag!

October 9th: Stop Bullying Day
Check yourself (and ask your kids to do the same)–spend a few minutes thinking about your most recent social media interactions, or how you’ve spoken to or about others in the past few days.

October 10th: World Mental Health Day
Read up on Mental Health and children. This is a great place to start.

October 11th: National Coming Out Day
Build trust with your child by affirming your child, especially about something they may feel insecure about.

October 12th: Costume Swap
Reach out to see if friends and neighbors might want to trade costumes for this Halloween. Save money and recycle? Yes, please!

October 13th: No-Bra Day
Embrace the casual vibe by spending this Sunday in super-comfy clothes.

October 14th: National Kick-Butt Day
Tackle a project that’s been nagging at you.

October 15th: National Grouch Day
Have fun being grouchy today, and maybe banish some of those bad attitudes with the silliness. Thank you, Sesame Street!

October 16th: Learn a new word for Dictionary Day!

October 17th: Read a poem by a Black poet for Black Poetry Day

October 18th: Bake or buy chocolate cupcakes to share.

October 19th: Do some random acts of kindness today!

October 20th: Boost your kid’s confidence today!
Let them do something independently, compliment them on something they’re doing well, or help them solve a problem that they’re facing.

October 21st: Eat an apple!

October 22nd: Wear your favorite color, or add some extra color to your living space for National Color Day.

October 23rd: Do a quick science experiment to celebrate Mole Day

October 24th: For United Nations Day, learn about a new country or try to resolve a conflict in your family.

October 25th: Sourest Day
Pour a glass of lemonade and let your kids vent about something that’s making them feel sour. Just listen, then help them fix it or let it go.

October 26th: Make a Difference Day
Do something as a family that helps the community. Then go pick a pumpkin, because it’s Pumpkin Day, too!

October 27th: Mother-In-Law Day
Send a friendly message with some silly kid pictures or give your mother-in-law a call. If your MIL is no longer with you, look at pictures or share some stories as a family.

October 28th: Chocolate Day–sneak into the Halloween candy for a favorite piece a few days early.

October 29th: Have a bowl of oatmeal.

October 30th: Candy Corn Day
Have a candy corn snack, or try one of these super cute crafts for kids.

October 31st: Happy Halloween!
It’s also Knock-Knock Joke Day, so have a little extra fun!


The Busy Mom’s October Bucket List

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Hayley was born and raised in Atlanta. She attended Agnes Scott College, then Emory University's MAT program before beginning her teaching career. She and her husband have lived in Boston and New Haven before becoming parents and moving back to Atlanta to be near family. Now a SAHM of two kiddos, Hayley enjoys reading, cooking, and finding her way through the consistent challenges of parenting.