Your Guide to Looking Great in Time for the Holidays

‘Tis the season. Holiday party invitations are starting to roll in and annual family photos are imminent. Meanwhile, you consider yourself lucky to have time to dab on a little lip gloss in the morning without a little one tugging on your sleeve, making it seem like a pipe dream to look refreshed and radiant in your LBD in time for NYE.

Don’t panic—you don’t need a facelift to look your best for holiday events. There are a ton of treatment options that will have you glowing in practically no time, with little or no downtime. Atlanta plastic surgeon and facial rejuvenation specialist Dr. Dean Fardo and staff at The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery in Alpharetta have shared their handy timeline for when to have cosmetic treatments to ensure the max benefit by your goal date.

Starting Today: Upgrade Your Daily Skincare Routine  

No matter what your specific goals are for improving your appearance, smooth and healthy skin will make you look better—and medical-grade skincare is the way to go. Available only through a physician’s office, medical-grade skincare products are clinically proven and contain more powerful ingredients than OTC, so they work faster and get better results. Plus, you get the added benefit of having an experienced professional help you select the right products for your skin type, concerns, and goals—no more wasting time and money on products that just don’t deliver.

Dr. Fardo’s advice: “Make an appointment ASAP with an experienced skincare professional for a consultation and skin evaluation—the most highly sought Atlanta skincare providers book up quickly this time of year. Plus, the sooner you adopt your new routine, the better results you’ll see by the height of the holiday season.”

ASAP: Book Professional Skin Resurfacing for the Ultimate Glow

Who couldn’t benefit from a professional skin resurfacing treatment to reduce sun damage, smooth out fine lines, and help reveal firmer skin with a more youthful glow? An in-office treatment can do wonders to exfoliate away dull, damaged outer layers of skin, boost the natural production of youthful skin building blocks collagen and elastin, and reduce blemishes.

Try to book treatment a few weeks before a goal event, although many treatments achieve photo-ready results in just days. One of our favorite pre-holiday treatments at The Swan Center is the HALO Hybrid Laser. We can adjust the depth of treatment to address a range of skin complaints very effectively, and our patients experience just 1 to 3 days of social downtime!

Dr. Fardo’s advice: “Although the HALO Laser requires little if any downtime, I recommend scheduling treatment a minimum of 7 days before an event to ensure a maximum skin glow. For Contour TRL laser resurfacing, a more aggressive treatment that I perform to treat deeper facial wrinkles or scars, I advise allowing two weeks for skin to heal optimally and be safe for makeup application. Most patients find that 5 to 10 days of social downtime are well worth the dramatic rejuvenation this laser can achieve.”

Pre-Party Pick-Me-Up: Injectables to Smooth Wrinkles, Plump Features & Refresh Your Look

Injectables such as BOTOX, Dysport, and fillers are immensely popular among Atlanta men and women looking to diminish frown lines, crow’s feet and other tell-tale lines of aging, and for good reason—treatments can take as little as 30 minutes, results are noticeable in just a few days (and often immediately), and the rejuvenating effects last many months.

Fillers are also an excellent, quick and easy option to boost lip volume, enhance the cheeks, or fill in depressed acne scars in a pinch. While it’s totally doable to get injectables with just a few days to spare before a special event, it’s good to book treatment 1 to 2 weeks ahead of time to let results settle in and allow any post-treatment bruising or swelling to completely disappear.

Dr. Fardo’s advice: “Although injectables are minimally-invasive and readily available in Atlanta, don’t take a gamble on your face. To ensure your safety and beautiful results, go to a board-certified plastic surgeon—there is no substitute for a plastic surgeon’s precision and knowledge of facial anatomy to achieve effective improvements with a look that’s totally natural and not ‘overdone.’ ”

Ready, Set, Glow for the Holidays!

We’re already well into November, so if you want to look your very best for this year’s festivities, you better get a move on! You can find the above treatments (and much more) at The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery. For more information or to book a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Fardo or another member of their experienced team, call 770-667-0904 or visit Happy Holidays!

Thanks to our friends at The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery for providing this information for the holiday season. This is a sponsored post.