Favorite Things: Attempting Glam on the Go Edition

Mornings. You either love them or you loathe them. I am the latter. Let me paint a very real picture for you. I am one of those that hits snooze at least 3 times (my husband loves this about me). And if for some ungodly reason we have no coffee or creamer in this house, you better run. I will go from Mary Poppin’s to Cruella de Vil in .005 seconds flat. As you can imagine, the pampering is minimal. In fact, it takes an average of 7 minutes to complete all hygiene, throw on yoga pants, toss a top bun on my head and apply zero makeup (except some brow gel, it’s a MUST to keep the arches in check). Then, it’s time to run like a bat out of you know where and bark down the stairs, “get in the car, please!”

Surely, I am not the only one who struggles with the desire to appear and feel like I’ve got it together every morning, but not willing to put in the full effort, right? That’s what I thought! Sisters unite! Here are a few tips, tricks, and must-haves that get me out the door quickly and help me feel like I spent more than 7 minutes on me. 

Efficient Blow-Dryer and Hair Wand

I have long hair, hence the top bun. Blow drying only happens in the evenings when the boys are in bed, date nights, and weekends. I found even when I have “time,” I don’t want to spend it with a heat source frying my hair for 10-20 minutes. This baby butter cup from Dry Bar gets the job done in 4-5 minutes! When it’s date night or girls night I take the extra 10 minutes. I curl my hair with an easy to use hair wand from TJ-Maxx that I found for under $20! I make time for the wand at least once a week because it lasts even through a night’s sleep. It’s like having my hair life together 2 out of 7 days and gives my top bun a well-deserved break. 



No UV Light Needed Gel Like Nail Polish

Of course, I cherish the days I get a mom minute and sit in a massage chair with one lovely individual pampering my feet and another pampering my hands. But let’s get serious, these mom minutes are few and far between, not to mention pricey. Instead of giving up the whole kit and caboodle, I have invested in a few at home gel-like nail polishes. These do not require a light and come off with remover. The best part? It doesn’t ruin your nails! All supplies (bottom and top coat, 3 colors, nail file and buffer) cost the same as one gel manicure/pedicure and will not need to be replenished for a year or more! The polish stays on great and only needs a quick touch-up here and there. 

Lash Boost

This, my friends, especially those who truly desire the no makeup look like me (mine only goes on if I have a sitter), is a MUST! It’s as simple as a quick swipe of serum on your lids nightly (under 5 seconds) before hopping in bed. After 6-8 weeks your lashes appear fuller and longer without spending $100s and hours in a salon for false ones! Although Lash Boost is created by a dermatologist, no prescription is necessary and will last you 60-90 days.


LuLu Lemon Leggings

When the LuLu Lemon craze hit the market I  refused to walk into the store. I viewed them as overpriced workout leggings. I was convinced they weren’t any different than the 5-year-old ones I already owned. Wrong! They are 100% worth every penny. And, they are cheaper than most “designer” jeans! Now that I am a believer, I place them in the category of still overpriced leggings that make you appear (or feel) 5-10lbs slimmer. Plus, they allow for the graceful movements you have to endure chasing a toddler or sprinting through the hallway hoping your grade-schooler didn’t miss the wretched 8:30 bell. (I, of course, know nothing about that ;))

I say no to any and all pants with a button. Let’s face it, after 3 kids it’s nearly impossible for me to sit down comfortably in a pair and not sport indented skin for hours after. If I’m not wearing a cotton dress in summer, I am sporting these leggings. In play situations, Pure Barre, car pool, girls nights or date nights paired with wedges or booties. 

Apple Watch

I will be the first to admit that I can be distracted by my phone when I should be giving my kiddos undivided attention. We live in the “I must respond to every message, email, phone call and FaceBook message right away” times. The excuse that I used was so I know what time it is. In reality, I was used to immediately responding to all of the above. I grew tired of the ball and chain and decided the Apple Watch was a good compromise. I could be outside with my kiddos, know the time, receive messages, monitor incoming calls (and determine if it warranted an immediate response) and track exercise activity without keeping my hand glued to my phone. Best part? My kiddos didn’t notice if I checked a message or two.

Lastly, I use my Apple Watch during the morning hustle to stay on task. I set timers for coffee and breakfast. Reminders for school projects or supplies and an alarm for our departure ensuring we make it on time.

I recognize some of these items are pricey, but they are worth saving up for, splurging on or adding to your holiday lists! Now, I’ve shared a few of my favorite things and I would love to hear some of yours so please comment and share! 

This post is NOT sponsored or endorsed by any of the products mentioned and is simply reflection from a busy mom on how she attempts glam on the go.


  1. Amen to Lash Boost. I am a not a big make-up gal on a daily basis and the fact that I have lashes now makes me feel a little more put together! Thanks for the tips!!

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