Summer Adventures in Peachtree City

Summer Adventures in Peachtree CityIf you’re looking for a day of new adventures, a little spontaneity, and a lifetime of memories (that won’t break the bank), a day in The Bubble, or Peachtree City might be just what your family needs this Summer.

One of Atlanta’s most precious hidden gems might just be Peachtree City.

I may be a little biased because I call this sweet town home, but it’s easy to see why it is affectionately named “The Bubble.” A quick drive down 85 (about 20 minutes south of the Atlanta airport) will land you in this unique destination, offering plenty of good local eats, playful parks at every turn, and the best part – over 100 miles of golf cart paths to make going anywhere an adventure!

If you’re looking for a fun not-too-far-from-home getaway for a memorable day trip with your family, here are some must-do-and-see pro tips.

First things first, rent a golf cart. In Peachtree City, golf carts are like cars but way more fun. Cruising the paths is a must to truly experience this city the way it was intended.

A lithium-powered 6-passenger golf cart is what I recommend and you can rent these at Big O’s Golf Carts. Their staff is super friendly and can help you book your rental online or in person. Pro-tip: You’ll want to reserve your rental in advance because these golf carts are a hot commodity this time of year.

If lithium power isn’t super important to you, there are several other great shops that you can rent from.

Okay, you’ve rented your golf cart and loaded up your crew for a day of adventure… now what?

It’s time to crank up U2’s “Streets With No Names” and get lost – literally!

As I mentioned, there are over 100 miles of golf cart paths, so it’s likely you’ll get turned around and not know where you are more than once. Take a deep breath – it’s all part of the adventure! So give yourself plenty of time, bring along some extra snacks, and enjoy the ride. Plus, the locals are very friendly, so don’t be afraid to stop and ask for directions.
To help you find your way a little better, here is a gameplan to get you to the best spots around town:

Now, let’s eat, shop, and play!

You’ll find plenty of good restaurants, along with local shopping and cute photo ops, at The Avenue, a centrally located shopping plaza.

Summer Adventures in Peachtree CityFor family-friendly eating, Super Chix and Positano Pizza are our family’s top picks. They both offer indoor and outdoor seating, with friendly service. The gelato at Positano’s is a must for dessert!

For shopping, be sure to visit Heirloom Market and Donuts, a boutique filled with unique gifts made by local artisans. Their decadent donuts are also made in-house and will not disappoint.

Beyond The Avenue is Blume Organics, a local retailer that can also satisfy your sweet tooth. Their café is known for its specialty coffee drinks and macaroons. Cheers, Mamas!
Enough of eating and shopping, let’s play!

From Blume, you’re pretty close to the All Children’s Park, located at the heart of the city overlooking Lake Peachtree. This park offers plenty of areas to run around for big and little kids and offers handicapped accessible swings too.Summer Adventures in Peachtree City

If you’re just after some green space and prefer to picnic and soak up some sun, Drake Field is the perfect option. It’s a 2-minute walk from the All Children’s Park, so you can easily go to both and give the kids plenty of time to burn off alllllll their energy (and that gelato, donuts, and macaroons)!

From there, you can hop back on your golf cart and follow the 10K loop that circles Lake Peachtree until you reach Spyglass Island. (Spoiler alert: it’s more of a peninsula but still a fun destination.) Some of the best views and photos have been taken at this point, overlooking the water, so make sure your phones are charged and ready.

One of the best things about a golf cart adventure is that there are no rules. Time seems to slow down, and schedules seem to fade away. We have found with our kids that when we need a change of pace, we just hop on our golf cart and go cruise. Something new and memorable always happens, and when we return home later, we always seem more rested and peaceful.

So, whether you want to set out and hit all the hot spots, or just zip around the winding paths while the baby falls asleep (because that’s going to happen!), every adventure is unique and memorable.

We hope you enjoy the ride around our sweet home, The Bubble, or as you might see it on the map, Peachtree City.

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Ashlee Ilg
Ashlee is a homeschooling, business-owning mom of five (ages 12 to 1), who lives in the golf cart “Bubble,” otherwise known as Peachtree City. After spending a few years in the corporate world as a magazine editor and website manager, Ashlee and her husband took the leap into entrepreneurship and started a golf cart dealership in their garage. Today, they own multiple companies (don’t worry - they’ve moved out of the garage!) and love encouraging others to also pursue adventures on the roads less traveled. She admits that most of her homeschooling is done outside the classroom, as she has three rowdy boys and another on her hip, along with her one-and-only princess. Speaking of her daughter, Hannah was added to their family through adoption, and it’s fair to say she has added a very sparkly splash of pink to their otherwise team-blue family. When she’s not helping her husband with their latest new venture, or raising the next generation of entrepreneurs, Ashlee can be found either in a (somewhat) quiet corner writing for her blog “Fit & Free with Ash,” or getting her endorphin-fix in a sweaty workout session.