Shopping Simplified with Cartdrop

Shopping Simplified with CartdropI am and have always been, a list maker. My husband often teases me about the 37 lists I have lying around the house, to which I respond;

“if it isn’t written down, it isn’t getting done!”

And it’s true…Being a mother means our head is constantly swirling with all of life’s next steps and we can’t be held accountable to remember what we are out of stock of and need to purchase on my next trip to Kroger…so, I write it down…sometimes on 37 lists.

Just this morning I added items to a few of my lists…one for random household items to replenish (laundry detergent, milk, etc), a list for specific meal items needed, and a list for items needed to create adorable Valentine’s for classroom friends. Oh, and now that my kids are old enough, I have tasked them with keeping their own list of school snacks and lunch items (I will not be blamed for forgetting the specific bars they want).

Last night, as I pulled into Kroger ready to brave the cold and knock out shopping for the week, guess what I discovered? My lists were left at home. Cue frantic call to husband, followed by texts with pictures of four lists…problem solved…but there has to be an easier way to keep track.

Insert Cartdrop

If you are a list maker like me (or just a mom trying to keep it together!), it’s time to head to your app store and download Cartdrop. Here’s why:

  • Making a list in Cartdrop is so easy! Create a new list, give your list a name (and yes, it’s easy to maintain multiple lists if you prefer), and add items needed. You can add items by searching by name OR scan the item as soon as you run out of it. My kids love to scan items into our list before they toss the empty box into the recycling.
  • Not only does Cartdrop allow you to maintain your lists, but you can also “drop” items into your cart to officially place an order. My list transfers directly to my Kroger account and using one of Kroger’s delivery options (Boost, Instacart, or delivery by your local Kroger team), I can simplify life even more by having groceries delivered to my doorstep!
  • You can share the app with your family members who can add their own items. However, you still have the power to select which items make it into your cart before purchasing (do my kids really need those salty chips, or should we go with a healthier option?)!
  • By saving your master shopping lists, you can always look back on items you buy frequently. It’s easy to add them to your future lists!

Bottom line

Using Cartdrop has helped me simplify life. It’s eliminated the necessity to keep the 37+ lists around the house (hello, counter space!) and it ensures I have access to our family’s needs at any point in time, whether I choose to shop via online order or in-person.

Simplify your shopping by downloading Cartdrop today!

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