Plan Your Next Girls’ Trip to Sedona, Arizona

Plan Your Next Girls' Trip to Sedona, Arizona
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This summer my mom, sister, and I took a much-needed and long-overdue girls’ trip to Sedona, Arizona.

Traveling without our husbands and children coupled with the fact that we were in an awe-inspiring environment made for a rejuvenating and fun vacation. Personally, Sedona was not on my bucket list of vacation spots; I tend to holiday at a beach. But, after visiting Sedona I have become a walking billboard telling everyone why they should plan a visit. So true to fashion, if you plan a trip consider including these activities in your itinerary.  

Take a Hike

When planning my trip, my sister who visited the year before, was adamant that we hike. Apparently, that’s one of Sedona’s main attractions. The city boasts over 200 hiking trails of various degrees of difficulty, all beautiful in their own right. We made the 7-mile hike at West Fork Trail. Be sure to pack worn-in hiking shoes and water.

Go Star Gazing

To respect Sedona’s environment, animals, and natural beauty, the city has a building color and light pollution ordnance. This means that all buildings are painted in natural colors so as to not detract from the rock formations and the community and businesses follow a dark-sky ordnance. This allows for unrestricted views of the piercing night sky. We drove our rented convertible down a local highway, parked roadside, reclined our seats, and looked up. The night sky was a true sight to behold!

Photo courtesy of Christine Baines

Turn Inward

One of the most interesting facts I learned about Sedona was about its vortexes. Sedona’s vortexes are swirling centers of energy conducive to healing, meditation, and self-exploration. Many visitors claim to feel a sense of clarity, calm, and higher vibrations when visiting one of the 4 vortexes through the city. We visited the vortex, Airport Mesa, which doubles as the perfect spot to view the sunset. Leaning into the spiritual pull of the city, we participated in a sound bath. This practice promotes deep meditation and relaxation. Don’t worry, it’s okay to fall asleep during.

Plan Your Next Girls' Trip to Sedona, Arizona
Photo courtesy of Christine Baines

Take a Pink Jeep Tour 

Plan Your Next Girls' Trip to Sedona, Arizona
Photo courtesy of Christine Baines

When I vacation to a unique and unfamiliar city, I enjoy going on tours led by a knowledgeable tour guide. Pink Jeep Tour was a two-for-one as we got adventure and tons of insight into the history and geography of Sedona. There are a number of tours to choose from, but the one we chose took us on a rocky, off-road adventure where we took stunning photos from high elevations.

Have you been to Sedona, Arizona? What did you love about it?

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