How to Have a Birthday Party Experience at Sloomoo Institute

How to Have a Birthday Party Experience at Sloomoo Institute
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It’s gooey, glittery, messy, and yes, slimy! Stretch it, pull it, twist it, or squeeze it. Slime is the current fad that kids and teens can’t get enough of.

From relaxing while riding in the car to whole institutes for it, slime is gaining momentum, and Atlanta has joined in on the fun. The newly opened Sloomoo Institute- ATL in Buckhead doesn’t disappoint. With a variety of delightful scents, slime falls, and a newly added sensory atmosphere, there’s entertainment for kids of all ages.

On top of that, the birthday party experience has it all.

Read on to learn how kids will ooze with excitement at Sloomoo Institute.

Slime from Sloomoo birthday party experience

Grand Entrance
Upon entering the Institute, be sure your birthday kid is ready to party like a slime star! The birthday queen or king will receive a unique pin so everyone on our staff knows to make their day extra special.

Expert Slimetenders
If you select the birthday experience option, your group will enjoy 90 minutes of undivided attention from an expert Slimetender. The Slimetender will be with your group every step of the way, ensuring your group has the slimiest time ever. In addition, you have the option to enjoy an hour in the playful, private party room. Your Slimetender will be available throughout to assist with serving and cleanup. Catering options are available upon request.

Inside Scoop
Your Slimetender will explain the importance of having an activator ready any time you play with slime. The key is the “one-finger test.” Kids should use one finger to see if the slime is sticky. If nothing sticks, they are good to go, but if it does, a little activator does the trick. On the other hand, if the slime is too rough or hard to pull, add a bit of lotion to loosen it. Another tip is to keep the slime away from heat as it will begin to melt. Lastly, always store slime in an airtight container.

Enhanced Experience
This is the part where everyone in your group gets slimed! Kids will be thrilled by this once-in-a-lifetime moment. The Slimetender will provide protective ponchos as slime will rain down on the group, which is appropriately called Sloomoo Falls. 

Kids will leave this birthday party experience at Sloomoo Institute sticky but satisfied! Be on the lookout for a post where we teach you how to make homemade slime using common craft items you probably already have in your kid’s play area or your kitchen.

For more ideas of having a birthday experience instead of a birthday party, check out our blog post on the topic to learn more.