Hello, 2023!

As we enter a new year (hello, 2023!) and a fresh beginning, I must remind myself of how much my family and I overcame in 2022. I love looking back at photos and reliving special moments I had almost forgotten about.

Hello, 2023!

No, I may not have traveled the world like some friends on social media. I did not build my custom “dream home” and decorate it all myself. I did not get a promotion of any kind or become a “content creator” with a large following. All those things are great, and I am not downplaying anyone else’s accomplishments this year. It is okay if you didn’t do any of those things either.

I have settled into a new state, a small town, and met new people, but still chose to keep a small close circle. I have watched my children start new grades, spread their wings, and make new friends. I have watched their confidence grow socially and academically and blossom into the kindest, most resilient, and most genuine kids.

I have advocated and watched my youngest overcome obstacles and work incredibly hard all year in speech therapy. He has found his words and learned to speak in phrases and short sentences clearly which has opened a whole new world for him and his relationship with his siblings.

I said “See you later” to my husband as the Air Force called him away for too long. I have parented my kids solo while uncovering a strength and courage I didn’t know I had. I have dealt with many homeowner issues, without my handy husband, which tested but also empowered me to learn to be more like a “Mrs. Fix It” out of necessity.

I have learned to set boundaries and protect my peace at all costs. Lastly, I have worked on my own mental health struggles with anxiety which has allowed me to be more present and in the moment with my children. On days that felt really heavy, I got up and kept going and gave my kids my all, which is easier said than done.

So, whatever you did, overcame, and accomplished in 2022 you should be proud! You did it! You made it to the end of another year and another fresh start awaits.

Hello, 2023!

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Caitlyn Viviano
Caitlyn Viviano is a military spouse and mom to three children under seven. She holds a Master's Degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University and worked as an elementary school counselor before having children. She continues to support and advocate for public schools but has found writing is her true passion. She is currently working on writing a children’s book about unicorns inspired by her daughter Chloe. When she is not writing or chasing after her kids she enjoys painting, baking, and has just started gardening. She recently left South Carolina and moved to Georgia and is looking forward to making Georgia home for the next few years until the Air Force tells her otherwise.