First Day of School Signboards

First Day of School SignboardsThe first day of school is an eagerly awaited milestone for students and parents alike. To make this moment extra special, many families have embraced the tradition of creating eye-catching signboards.

These signboards not only mark the beginning of a new academic year but also serve as cherished mementos for years to come. In this post, we will explore how to create captivating first-day-of-school signboards, best practices, and crucial information to avoid adding, ensuring a memorable and engaging experience for all.

First Day of School Signboards

First Day of School Signboards:

  1. Personalized Grade Level: Add a personal touch by including the child’s grade level, like “First Day of Kindergarten” or “Starting 5th Grade.” This template creates a sense of excitement and accomplishment for the child.
  2. Goals and Aspirations: An inspirational template that includes the student’s goals for the academic year can be a powerful motivator. For example, “This Year, I’ll Read 30 Books!” encourages a love for learning.
  3. Future Career Ambitions: Spark imagination with a template that lets students share their dream careers, such as “Future Engineer in Training!” This encourages children to embrace their aspirations from an early age.
  4. When I Grow Up: Invite creativity with a template that prompts students to envision their future selves. For example, “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be…” followed by an area for illustrations.

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Best Practices:

  1. Clear and Legible Font: Choose fonts that are easily readable from a distance. Avoid overly decorative or intricate fonts, as they may hinder readability and diminish the impact of the message.
  2. Vibrant Colors: Opt for a color palette that is visually appealing and complements the theme. Bold and vibrant colors can attract attention and make the sign board stand out.
  3. Use High-Quality Materials: Ensure the signboard is sturdy and durable to preserve it as a cherished keepsake. Laminating or framing the signboard can provide added protection. Bonus idea – Use photo printing services from super chain pharmacies or stores, the often print cardboard posters and have great coupon discounts or deals!
  4. Capture Genuine Expressions: Photograph the child holding the signboard, showcasing their candid excitement or emotions on the first day of school. Authenticity adds a personal touch to the memory.

First Day of School Signboards

Information to Avoid Adding:

  1. Personal Contact Information: Avoid including personal contact details like phone numbers or home addresses on the signboard. This information should remain private for security reasons. If sharing on social media remember to blur or blank out the school name. You can always keep a basic “Back to School” message board to share with your online network.
  2. Sensitive or Private Information: Refrain from sharing sensitive information, such as medical conditions or family-related matters, on the sign board. Focus on positive and uplifting messages instead.
  3. Negative Statements: Ensure the signboard remains a positive and encouraging representation of the child’s first school day. Avoid negative or derogatory messages or graphics.
  4. Inappropriate Language or Symbols: Steer clear of using any language or symbols that may be offensive or inappropriate for a school setting. The sign board should reflect a respectful and inclusive environment.

First Day of School Signboards

Creating a first-day-of-school sign board is an exciting and creative way to celebrate the start of a new academic journey. These signboards not only mark the beginning of a school year but also serve as cherished reminders of the child’s growth and aspirations throughout their educational journey.

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First Day of School Signboards

Click here to find FREE templates you can update or find inspiration with. Remember to customize with your child’s input and have fun!


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