Easy Summer Craft Ideas

Just like a page out of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, I recently went on a wellness retreat, fell in love with yoga, started taking classes at a local studio, made a new friend there, and ended up with a part-time job at her school as an art teacher. Since then, I have had a lot of fun coming up with unique projects for the students. School may be out now, but art never stops!!

Easy Summer Craft Ideas
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Here are a few of my favorite ideas that you can try with your kids this summer.


This is a study in detail. Create 6 boxes on a piece of paper. Then choose a favorite character or object, and in one box, draw the entire character or object. In the other boxes, draw different aspects of the object.



In the spirit of Pablo Picasso! Start by drawing the form of a head on your paper, and then cut or tear construction paper into different shapes to make a one-of-a-kind self-portrait. The more detail the better!




When I was a kid, I created a comic strip called The Hairisons – creatures that were just hair and legs.  Your kids can come up with their own imaginary world too.  Begin by brainstorming a story and practicing facial expressions, then use this Comic Strip Template to bring your ideas to life.




On a large piece of poster board, draw a word, or your name, and color in with a variety of patterns and styles.  Then cut them out and tape them into a tower on another poster board base. See how tall you can get it!




Go on a scavenger hunt around the house, or put together a box of doo-dads for your kids to explore. Tape or glue each object to a piece of paper, and finish the picture with colored pencils or markers.  See how the different materials inspire you.




Pointillism is a technique typically using patterned dots to create a picture. But instead of dots, switch it up and use descriptive words for the image you wish to create.  For example, the sun in this picture is formed by writing the word “sun” over and over again.  Or you could also include the words “hot, orange, large, etc.” when drawing it.


Head to Michael’s for some self-adhesive book coverings, also known as contact paper and multi-colored yarn. The yarn will stick directly to the paper, and your kids can take their time arranging patterns or “painting” a picture.




Gather up cardboard rolls, yarn, acrylic paint, googly eyes, glue, and scissors. Paint a toilet paper roll in the color of your choice. Make snips around the bottom to create 8 long tentacles. Curl the tentacles up and make a small snip and the top of the roll.  Insert one end of the yarn in that slit and start weaving around the tube. You’ll end your weaving by placing the other end of the yarn back in the same slit.  Add the googly eyes and voila!


For this, you’ll need pipe cleaners, scissors, aluminum foil, card stock paper, a hot glue gun, and markers or colored pencils. First, form the pipe cleaners into a figure in some pose. Then tightly wrap the figures with aluminum foil. With the hot glue gun, attach the figure to the card stock.  Hold it under the light to find the shadow it creates, and shade that in.  Then color around the rest of the card.

Tear colored construction paper into long strips for the sunset. Glue them to your page until it is completely covered.  Once dry, take the paper outside and set up your toy figurines (you can find them at Michael’s or a Dollar Tree) and other objects to create a landscape. Arrange them on the edge of the paper. Trace the shadows they create and then paint them in for the final touches.

What are your favorite summer crafts? Share below!


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