Best Kept $2 Laundry Secret

Best Kept $2 Laundry Secret
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Best Kept $2 Laundry Secret

I have always held firm to the belief that kids should get to be kids, and that includes getting dirty, even if they’re in the most beautiful clothes in their closets. While I put bibs on them if they were sitting at a table, I was never above passing them that red popsicle at the playground where no bibs could be found. I also loooooved dressing my kids up every. single. day. Side note…in hindsight, I have no regrets as I cringe watching my 11 and 15-year-olds dress themselves today. But I digress.

The two passions do not go hand in hand. There’s a reason people dress kids in “play clothes.” There’s a reason people save fancy clothes for special occasions that don’t involve dirt and popsicles. STAINS! My firstborn spent the first 3 years of her life barely wearing the same outfit twice because they were too stained to wear again. I tried everything out there and some stains just did not budge- red clay, popsicles, watermelon…

But then, one day, my laundry life was changed and wow, talk about a game-changer!  

The day my mommy friend shared the secret stain-fighting power of the $2 laundry bar, Fels Naptha, with me was the last day I had to throw out a stained article of clothing. Y’all, it is magical!!

I find it in the laundry aisle at the grocery store. It’s a single bar that’s wrapped in a paper package. And it’s literally under $2. You can also find it on Amazon but it usually costs way more than $2 so just stock up at the grocery store.

You wet the bar, rub it on the stain, and watch it come out instantly (most of the time). On occasion, if it’s an extra stubborn stain, I rub it all over and let it set for a little bit before throwing it in the wash. I’ve also used a cheese grater to grate the bar into a bathtub filled with water to soak multiple clothes at once (I usually do this with all our swimsuits after a trip to the lake).

I’ve been so amazed by this bar, I tuck a bar into every baby shower gift I give. I’ve participated in many favorite things gift exchanges and it’s always included in whatever I share.

One friend said she was so excited about this bar, she dug out clothes she had in a box that she never brought herself to throw out but were too stained to wear. She said those items had been previously washed, dried, and set for years. And can you believe it?  Fels-Naptha got those stains out too!

The craziest thing, aside from the price, is that this is not a new product. According to its package, it’s been around since 1894! So seriously, how is it still so relatively unknown??

Do yourself a favor and go give this bar a try. Share your best stain success story below if you’re already a fan Fels-Naptha!

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