Before Becoming a Mom…

We all have our ideas of the trajectory of our lives – after kids, we will carry on with our exciting careers, friendships, and carefree lifestyle.

Things I Never Thought I'd Do Before Becoming a Mom
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According to Instagram, some moms have managed to do this – all the while staying impossibly fashionable, fit, and juggling a brood of well-dressed well-behaved children!

Well, I’m happy to report that my values, goals, and trajectory have changed in a way I had never imagined before becoming a mom, and it’s far from what I thought it would look like. Sometimes I even remark to myself – I never thought I would do these things, or find myself in these situations, but I’m happier for it.

Here are 6 things I never thought I’d do before becoming a mom.

  1. Eschew Adventure – I have never been overly adventurous, but I have traveled to far-flung places by myself without any trepidation. Call it motherly inclination – I try to avoid unnecessary travel, especially to remote areas, and I will unlikely try bungee jumping – and there’s no FOMO here.
  2. Shop for Clothing at Costco – Feeling entitled and privileged in my La Perla, I once scoffed at women who purchased (and wore) underwear and clothing from big box retailers like Costco. Now I am proud to pick up a box of underwear along with a case of milk and eggs at my friendly neighborhood Costco.
  3. Take Pleasure in Staying In – When I was single and looking, I viewed my weekends as work – I had to go out at all costs. It was unheard of to stay home on a Saturday night, and going out lost its luster.  Now it takes a very special event for me to put the effort into getting dressed up to “go out”, and I’m ok with that.
  4. Guard My Time – Before kids, the luxury of having extra time seemed endless. I remember spending hours on the phone with friends. Now I like my phone conversations short and to the point. I can’t be bothered with a phone call that lasts for over 15 minutes.
  5. Strive for Simplicity – This is an art. Back before kids, we looked to fill our lives, homes, and closets with endless stuff. Now I just want to get rid of the stuff and have a clear mind, and focus on the simple things that make me feel happy and present.
  6. Focus on Family – There was a time when I juggled a full-time job that I loved and tried to manage a family. Something had to give, and that was career goals.  I do miss certain elements of those times, but soon realized that at the office I’m just a number and can be easily replaced, and at home my presence is priceless. Once I realized this, my focus changed entirely.

How did your trajectory change from before becoming a mom? Share in the comments below! 

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Dana is a working mom of two active boys, ages 4 and 8. She was born in Tel Aviv and raised in Atlanta. With a background in journalism, she spent 12 years chasing deadlines as a news and documentary producer, writer, international news desk editor, and web editor.  After the birth of her first child, it became obvious she was not going to be the next Katie Couric or Christiane Amanpour. She was still dedicated, but the only thing gained from the grueling weekend and overnight shifts was a case of gastritis. She remembers being "so busy" she could not step away for lunch/dinner/breakfast and would have to shove the food down while hovering over her computer. The disgusting crumbs piling up in the keyboard were hers. As luck would have it, another round of layoffs was near and she seized the opportunity (having survived a few layoffs before). Several months into her severance she was fortunate to find a job in PR and Communications, promoting a subject that felt like a natural fit.   The most important lesson she's learned since becoming a mom is: NEVER say never. "I will NEVER shop at Costco, drive a car with a carpool number, become a 'soccer' mom, live near my parents in a house in the suburbs."  She now does all those things and more she never thought she would with the utmost feeling of gratitude.