10 Ways to Celebrate Shark Week

Shark Week debuted on the Discovery Channel in 1988 with a week’s worth of shark programming. Since then, it’s kind of taken on a life of its own, well beyond a few shark specials, to somewhat of a cult following.

10 Ways to Celebrate Shark WeekI didn’t give much thought to the week until my youngest was born. Emmie has been obsessed with sharks since she was 2 years old! Clad in her princess gown and tiara, you could always count on her to have a shark stuffed animal tucked under her arm. She chose the shark books at the library. She ran to the shark exhibits at aquariums. She rattled off facts before she could read them for herself. She was obsessed! Fast forward 8 years and she’s long since hung up her tiara and gown, but somehow her love of sharks remains strong. So year after year, we look forward to and celebrate that special week in July when the rest of the world shares in Emmie’s love of sharks!

The week itself varies from year to year, but as far as I can remember, it’s always been in July. Because of the timing, we aren’t always in a place where we can give this week all the love it deserves. Our celebrations have ranged from full-on parties to a few gummies straight from the bag.

This year, Shark Week will be July 23-30, 2023. Here are 10 ways you can celebrate the week:

1. Read all the shark books! Seriously, so many good ones aren’t gory (and plenty that is if that’s your speed!). Here are some of my favorites.

2. Set a fun, easy backdrop with balloons and a fishing net-like Jeana Baughman of Eugenia B. Photography. Find all the details of this Jaws party here.

10 Ways to Celebrate Shark Week

3. All you need are some store-bought treats, canned frosting, and shark gummies to create this amazing SHARKcuterie board by Party Pinching!

4. Turn your trampoline (or room!) into a “swim with the sharks” experience with the help of lots of blue balloons and a few shark toys.

5. Throw some shark gummies in a blue drink for a festive drink or go all out and make your own punch with this recipe from Liz on Call.

6. Remember those “tornados” we used to make in school with 2-liter soda bottles? Turn those into a Sharknado with a few aluminum foil sharks like Amanda from A Few Shortcuts.

7. Popcorn is way more fun when you eat it out of a shark cone! Find a free printable from Creating Creatives here.

8. A cup of pudding, a little blue food coloring, graham cracker crumbs, and shark gummies are all you need to make this fun treat! If you’re feeling extra, you can use this recipe from Mommy’s Fabulous Finds blog.

9. Make slime with this easy recipe from The Simple Parent.

10. When all else fails, add these snack plates, dinner plates, or napkins to your Target order and serve whatever you’d like. Then smile, knowing that’s all it takes to make Shark Week special for your kids!

Will you celebrate Shark Week? Tell us how in the comments!

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