10 Pasta Dishes for National Pasta Day

10 Pasta Dishes for National Pasta Day

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.”

~ Federico Fellini

Goodness, how true these words are in my own heart! And if you are a carb-loving mama like me, then you are in luck this month!

October 17th is National Pasta Day!

I will always take a day to celebrate my favorite carb! The great thing about pasta is that it is a great way to get your kids in the kitchen with you and all of the following recipes are perfect for little hands helping! So grab your family and use October 17th not only as a reason to eat delicious pasta but also as a reason to gather together!

Let’s get into the goodness:

10 Pasta Dishes for National Pasta Day

Homemade Spaghetti-O’s by Half Baked Harvest

Why not start with something nostalgic… like homemade spaghetti-o’s! You could also find alphabet pasta to use with your little ones! Either way, I feel like this spin on the classic will make you never return to the can!


10 Pasta Dishes for National Pasta Day

Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta by Taste of Home

This pasta seems like every child’s dream… in one skillet!! Simple ingredients and delicious results will keep everyone at your dinner table happy!

10 Pasta Dishes for National Pasta Day

Skillet Ravioli Lasagna by Eating Well

Another one-pot wonder to add to your list of pasta dishes… this one makes lasagna even simpler by taking out the step of layering ricotta and pasta by using ravioli! There are so many wonderful ravioli flavors out there; you could have fun with this one!

Family Friendly Pasta Dishes

Bacon Mac and Cheese by Martha Stewart Living

Okay… Bacon? Cheese? Pasta? I am not sure there is anything in this list of ingredients that could turn me away! This recipe is simple, so it would be easy to plan for a weeknight, and I am sure that everyone will win the clean plate award!

10 Pasta Dishes for National Pasta Day

One Pan Spaghetti by Family Spice

If you want a classic to celebrate National Pasta Day, try this simple spaghetti that can be made in one pan. Kid-friendly ingredients and easy clean-up will make for the perfect pasta night.


Butternut Squash Pasta (GLUTEN FREE) by Ambitious Kitchen

Have gluten-free family members but still want to celebrate the day? Maybe you should add this beautiful dish by Ambitious Kitchen to the meal lineup! This dish has fall-forward flavors and a healthy addition of vegetables too!

10 Pasta Dishes for National Pasta Day

Slow Cooker Chicken Alfredo by Chef Savvy

Want a dish you can set and forget? Try this slow cooker chicken alfredo, where you can throw all the ingredients in and let it go! I am not sure anyone at your dinner table will be able to resist this one.


10 Pasta Dishes for National Pasta Day

Mac and Cheese Waffles by Delish

I saw this and couldn’t resist sharing it with you all! If there ever was a kid-friendly pasta recipe… I think this is it. Crispy edges, ooey-gooey center, and all that cheesy flavor? This might be the dish in the middle of my dinner table for National Pasta Day!


10 Pasta Dishes for National Pasta Day

Spaghetti Meatball Cups by Delish

Another creative pasta dish cooked by delish would be so much fun to whip up with your kids in the kitchen. I love that it makes individual servings; the presentation would make my kids light up! This would also be ideal if you wanted to serve a few different pasta options!


10 Pasta Dishes for National Pasta Day

Stuffed Shells by Natasha’s Kitchen

For those of you who have a classic pasta taste, I thought I would add one more classic to the list with these stuffed shells. Very simply made, I believe even picky eaters will love this one, and seeing that it has 164 5-star votes, I don’t think you can go wrong!

I hope one of these pasta dishes helps you plan a family night full of magic… and pasta!


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