Tomi is a self-made mommionaire! She hit the jackpot when she married her BFF back in June of 1999. She has the privilege and blessing of being the mama to five beautiful children. She is a full time homeschool mom. She is a wee bit restless by nature and loves change, hence, her recent move from the Austin area, to this marvelously green state of Georgia! In her free time she delights in: spending quality time with her O Team, reading multiple books at once, hiking and exploring, painting, enjoying music, loving Jesus, and creating in general. She understands that mothering can be the most wonderful blessing in life, and yet isn’t always easy. She hopes to encourage other moms on this journey.
stone mountain

Beginner’s Guide to Stone Mountain

A day at Stone Mountain Park will include natural beauty, family fun at the park, and, of course, a bright night with laser light shows. We are lucky to have this little gem of...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Back to School We Go…

If your family is anything like mine, then back to school also means back to your regularly scheduled lives. I have soccer for one kid, gymnastics for another, another who does drama, and one...
4 Ways to Combat Comparing - The Joy Thief | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

4 Ways to Combat Comparing – The Joy Thief

We live in a culture and society where we all compare what we have and who we are to everyone else. We watch television shows where we compare how people look, sing, and dance...
Tips for Decluttering with Kids | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Tips for Decluttering With Kids

Having children can also mean having a lot more stuff!  When you bring your first baby home, you have way more GIANT baby things than you could ever use or need for your teeny-tiny, baby. Figuring...
Adoptive Mom - What they Want you to Know

Stop! In the Name of Love and Trauma! What Adoptive Moms Wish You Knew…

Attention! Anything you say can and will be used to help further fuel the trauma that our kids from hard places* have had to endure.  I honestly believe people as a whole do not mean...
Reset Priorities

I Forgot My Phone, but Saw My Kids

"Have you seen my phone?” “Could you call me?” “Could you Zello me?" These are the types of questions I usually ask my husband or children at least once, maybe twice a day.  I...
Organize. Stamp jars for Good Behavior

Stamp Jars For Good Behavior

I have this indistinct vision of the type of adults I hope my children will someday become.  For starters, I hope they will be kind to themselves when they make mistakes, see things from...