Martine Resnick

Martine is the Co-Founder of The Lola, a coworking space and community for Atlanta professional women, and the mom of a boy, Grayson (10), and a girl, Lola (8). Originally from the UK, she moved from London to New York in 2007 for a job and a change of scene. After getting engaged, she moved to Atlanta in 2009 where she worked for WarnerMedia before leaving corporate America to start her own business. While Martine and her family have lived in Atlanta for most of the past 15+ years, they've spent the past 18 months living in and working from Mallorca, Spain. Due to the pandemic, they had an opportunity to move to the island they love (and where they were married) for a short stint. They jumped at the chance! Their kids are enjoying the friends they've made at their new school and they are loving the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle with picturesque squares, mountain hikes, ceramics classes, competitive games of Padél, ridiculously challenging cycling, and the crystal clear sea just a mile down the road. While they have been able to offer their family the most incredible experience, they are excited to come back to Atlanta later this summer and reconnect with friends and their ATL community. They are big Atlanta fans and love how green and vibrant the city is plus the incredible and diverse food scene.
9 Best Communities & Co-Working Spaces For Women in Atlanta

10 Best Communities & Co-Working Spaces For Women in Atlanta

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