Katy Huie Harrison

Katy views motherhood, like most things, as a subject to be studied. She investigated Victorian motherhood in her PhD dissertation, and now, as a mother, she studies herself and her baby boy daily. Read about momming in Atlanta, the messiness of motherhood, and the joy of figuring out how to do it all your own way on her blog at undefiningmotherhood.com.

7 Simple Hacks for Traveling with a Toddler

Travel has been one of my greatest hobbies since I first studied abroad in grad school. So much so, that my husband and I actually put off trying to have children so we could...

Creating Grieving Rituals after Miscarriage

When someone passes away, we have rituals we do. What these rituals look like varies across geographical locations, cultures, and religions. For many of us, it looks something like this: there is a funeral...

Honoring All Mothers, Traditional or Not

Mother's Day is upon us. A day of flowers, fancy brunches, and taking the time to tell the mothers in our lives how much we appreciate them.  But it’s also a day fraught with emotions...
Do Me an April Fools' Favor, Please. Skip the Fake Pregnancy Announcements.

Do Me an April Fools’ Favor, Please. Skip the Fake Pregnancy Announcements.

Spring is finally in the air, and with it comes some of my very favorite things: delightful temperatures, blossoming plants, fresh food, outdoor festivals. But with the dawn of this beautiful time of year...

On Parenting and Anxiety

The first night home after my son was born, I slept for 15 minutes total. We tried for this miracle baby for years and suffered 4 consecutive miscarriages before he was born. When I...

Be Your Child’s Tooth Fairy

February celebrates a number of special events: Black History Month, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, but it also hosts one lesser-known holiday that's important for your kids' health:  National Children's Dental Health Month! Photo Courtesy of the...

Bratpack: Leave Home with Less

My son was barely 2 months old when I ordered a bigger diaper bag because mine couldn't hold all the baby mess. A simple trip to the grocery store meant I was overpacked, overloaded,...