Born in Florida, Jana moved to the Atlanta area in second grade. After graduating high school in 2002, she made her way to Auburn University where she studied art. On a trip to cheer on the Tigers at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, she met and fell in love with her husband. Although they cheer for rival SEC teams (he attended UGA), they love Fall and football season. After marrying in 2010, they made a home in the city and currently reside in the heart of Buckhead. As a stay at home mom with two little girls, Jana dubs herself a “naptime artist” and busts out some of her best work while they are asleep (find her work on Instagram @JanaFlemingART and at www.JanaFlemingART.com). In addition to her love of art, Jana loves to travel, bake, is a Real Housewives junkie, a lover of nail polish, and a self-proclaimed “foodie” that loves to gather with family and friends.
Visiting Santa

Ho ho ho! The Top Places to Find Santa This Christmas Season

Taking your children to have pictures made with Santa has been an annual Holiday tradition in most families for many years and, Atlanta has no shortage of places to go see the bearded man in...

Neighbors, I’m not dealing drugs. Just selling my kids clothes on the local BST...

Neighbors, that random brown paper bag a stranger just picked up from my front porch is not filled with drugs I'm dealing out of my Buckhead home. It's something I sold to said stranger on the local...
Whole Roasted Chicken

Knock-Your-Socks-Off Whole Roasted Chicken

Yes, mamas... it's that good -- it sure as heck will knock your socks off. Whether you have two different pairs on or realize you're wearing your husband's, this crispy-skin chicken recipe is yummy and...
preserving your child's memories

6 Ideas for Capturing and Preserving your Child’s Memories

My parents recently moved and decided to "dump" my childhood memories at my house. They showed up in three large dusty brown Rubbermaid totes. These memories were yellowed, curled up and smelled of time. Years...
Dos and Don'ts for Visiting New Moms

Sit Down and Stay (but really, please don’t!) – Dos and Don’ts for Visiting...

Bringing home a new baby can be such an exciting time, but also exhausting and emotional for a new mom. Even if you have kids, you may have forgotten the overwhelming first few weeks...

Totes Y’all – 5 Must-Have Bags for Every Mom

Hey cute momma, diaper bags are so passé. Not to mention, who wants to carry a purse and a bag with all the baby essentials?! If you're like me, you hate changing from handbag to diaper...
view from backseat

View from the Backseat

I was in the checkout line at Publix the other day and overheard the 20-something’s phone conversation in front of me. She was chatting away at how “terrible the service was,” at what I...