Ashley Doyle Pooser is a part-time writer and a (former) full-time wanderer. She is currently settling back into polite society after living in a camper and traveling all around the country with her family of five. She is a cautionary tale for never saying never. She tries to adult responsibly, but is basically just flying by the seat of her pants. You never know where you might cross paths with her, but you can bet she’ll be singing car karaoke and documenting all the shenanigans on Facebook and Instagram more than what's probably acceptable. She blogs about life, faith, and all the lessons learned from motherhood on the road at http://ashleydoylepooser.com.

The Best Moms Are Selfish

No matter what your journey to motherhood looks like, moms everywhere suffer from early onset Mom Guilt. It is running rampant through our community. I think it might even be contagious. Often, we even...
Happy St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day Tips: How to Not Be Obnoxious

I love learning about family history. From the time I was a little girl, I heard about my great-grandmother. She was the Chieftess of her Creek Indian tribe. Oh, how I admired this tough...
Celebrate your girlfriends

5 Reasons Moms Should Celebrate Galentine’s Day

February is here. We all know what that means--celebration of love. Love for those special people we can't imagine living without. People who love and support us through thick and thin. People who know...
What's your one word of the year

What’s Your Word?

A few years ago, my New Year's resolution was to never again make a New Year's resolution. I had a bad habit of setting my goals way too high and then falling short every...
what moms really want for christmas

What Moms Really Want for Christmas

In a recently conducted, extremely reliable, incredibly scientific poll done by--um--me on my social media, researchers (also me) have discovered what moms truly want for Christmas. The question posed to moms was simple: "If Santa...
Children's Museum of Atlanta exhibit Sid the Science Kid

Play and Learn with Sid the Science Kid

  {Disclosure:: Atlanta Area Moms Blog is partnering with Children's Museum of Atlanta for this sponsored post. That said, we are dedicated to bringing you brands we love and the thoughts and opinions are my own.} Hey, Atlanta,...
ultrasound photo

Could the Old Wives’ Tales Really Know?

I've been pregnant three times. And each time those two little pink lines popped up, I had about five and a half minutes before I started obsessing over whether baby was a boy or...
Dare to Bare - It may Save your Life | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Dare to Bare (It May Save Your Life)

On the way to my appointment, I had the radio on the 90s station. (I almost always have the radio on the 90s station because I’m apparently old now and the 90s qualify as...
5 Tools to bring out Your Inner Domestic Diva | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

5 Tools to Bring out Your Inner Domestic Diva

Confession: When the doorbell rings unexpectedly, I go into ninja mode. I freeze. I tiptoe. A cold sweat breaks out on my forehead. Like Pavlov's pups, the ringing of the bell results in an...
That one time pinterest made me almost poison the teacher

That One Time Pinterest Made Me Poison the Teacher

We're all friends here, right? I hope so. Because, mamas, I have ten years worth of motherhood mess-ups and cautionary tales to share with you. I always hoped that one day these all-too-true stories...