Ashley B

Ashley B
Ashley is a television reporter and network news producer turned part-time journalist and full-time (S)Mom to Andrew (15), Elizabeth (14), Spencer (8), and Mom to Graham (Almost a year and counting!). Instead of chasing storms, booking major interviews with serial killers, and breaking news, she is now chasing after allergy free food in Atlanta, booking activities for the four kids, and hopefully NOT breaking the wine glasses…because let’s be honest, most of us mommies need those! She still works part-time as a reporter and a freelance producer for 20/20. After graduating from Harvard College then living in New York while attending Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism and working for ABC, Ashley is thrilled to be back in her native southland. She lives with her husband and best friend, Chris, and the kiddos in East Cobb, where she loves long runs, thick books, and big glasses of wine or champagne, best enjoyed on a porch.
The Single Best Word to Teach Your Toddler | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

The Single Best Word To Teach Your Toddler

  It took my sweet boy, in spite of an advanced and early vocabulary, 18 months to finally say, "Mama!"  Those two sweet, simple syllables are transformative, making a minute in which I am being yelled at...
My Big Dirty Secret - Atlanta's Messiest Closet | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

My Big Dirty Secret: I Was The Not-So-Proud Owner of “Atlanta’s Messiest Closet”...

Now, you’ve seen it. That was my closet. So messy that it actually won a contest for officially being “Atlanta’s Messiest Closet.” Y’all, this is the ultimate case of “(mom)life happens!” To clear the air,...
This world isn't good enough

This World Isn’t Good Enough

My heart broke as a mom this week: The sources of that pain generated far from Atlanta -- 2,500 miles away in Palo Alto and 500 miles away in Orlando -- but I felt...