Amy is mom to 3 amazing kids...who also happened to ALL be surprises. In her lack of spare time (see aforementioned kids), she gets to freeze love, beauty and sacred moments through the art of photography. She actively wrestles with God and life and is grateful beyond measure to see Him make beautiful things out of the dust. She is married to a genuinely amazing, hilarious and handsome man who has been making her laugh now for 12 years. She once split her pants in front of the pandas at Zoo Atlanta and her children tell the story EVERYWHERE she goes. She’s been privileged to call Kentucky, Tennessee and the Chicagoland area home until she and her family moved to the city of Atlanta after having their third child. Though she still LOVES the city, she now calls the northeast suburb of Buford home and could walk to the Mall of Georgia but prefers to do her shopping on-line.
note to self | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

note to self

I write notes to myself.  There...I said it. I sit down, take a breath and write a note to myself just like I would a friend. Today - I found one. From years ago. And it...
Infant Loss Awareness

walt the warrior {infant loss awareness}

Today I want to introduce you to my precious friend, Liz.  Five years ago, I had a backstage pass to document the day Liz and Trey became husband and wife. One month ago, I drove through tears...
facing the mirror

Facing the Mirror

I used to hate mirrors.  Until one day...I stayed.  I searched and I fought to find every morsel of good I could. What would I want my daughter to see when she looked in the...
Amy Paulson - Girl in the Mirror

The Girl in the Mirror

The other night, my daughter burst into my room without a stitch of clothing on and stuck her bum in my direction.  “Mom, does my butt look big?” I got nervous and shifty and felt...
When your husband travels

When your Husband Travels…

My husband travels a lot for work.  This lends itself to me handling a lot of extra and oftentimes unexpected responsibilities just like so many of you other moms out there.  I’d love to...