Get Cooking Around Atlanta

Some of our most memorable times are centered around sharing and preparing a meal with the ones we love the most.

Get Cooking Around Atlanta

Whether you’re a yet-to-be-discovered chef or a newbie in the kitchen, learning to cook a new meal is challenging yet rewarding every time. No matter your interest or your end goal, Atlanta has some great cooking classes that are perfect for the whole family, just you and the girls, or even a romantic outing with your babe.

Get Cooking Around Atlanta

Make it a Family Affair

The Cooking School at Irwin Street offers a variety of classes that focus not only on blending the ingredients, but some classes focus on the proper use of kitchen tools. What’s great for families at The Cooking School is the focus that they put on the little ones. They have a teen program and periodically run kids’ cooking courses. Fun fact: their Founding Chef, Jake Rothschild is also the founder of Jake’s Ice Cream, which is close to the Cooking School. So, after a cooking class, take the whole family over for a sweet dessert!

Cozy Meal offers convenient options for families, especially those with multiple kids of varying ages. Families can choose from virtual cooking classes that they can do from any location or an “in-home” experience in which a professional chef joins them in their own kitchen. No need to get the kids dressed up or worry about being late for strict starting times!

A Girl’s Night to Remember

Bellina Alimentari would make for the perfect Girls’ Night. Bellina offers group classes for reasonable prices making for a good opportunity to cackle with friends and meet some new friends. What’s even better, since Bellina’s is located at Ponce City Market, you and your girls can take a stroll around for a little shopping or a game on the roof.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens has a unique culinary experience in its open-air kitchen. You and your girls will sit front-row as your meal is prepared and you’ll take away tips that you can use to re-create a delicious meal at home. Since the kitchen uses ingredients grown fresh in the garden, you and your girls won’t have to worry about keeping it healthy and cute!

The Perfect Date Night

Chateau Elan Culinary Studio is nestled in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia. You and your babe will feel like you are miles away from reality. This cooking studio is for those who are 21 years or older creating a “grown and sexy” ambiance. You’ll feel like royalty as you learn new cooking skills using top-tier Viking Range supplies while sipping on a glass of wine. Extend your cooking experience, by staying overnight at the luscious winery grounds of Chateau Elan Resort.

Vino Venue is located in Dunwoody and offers hands-on cooking classes and wine pairing classes with an emphasis on the wine! Here, you’ll choose from a variety of classes, including southern style, Havana nights, Spanish tapas, and so much more! The techniques that you’ll leave with will range from basic to advance and are sure to impress your date. You can also opt for a class that focuses on which wine goes best with what dish or dessert- these are skills that will make you look like an international connoisseur at your next gathering!

Get Cooking Around Atlanta

What better way to hone in on your natural skills or develop some new skills than to pick up a cooking class that you’ll remember for years to come? So, let’s get cooking around Atlanta!

Check out these fun cooking and cocktails events happening soon in Atlanta:

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