3 Ways to Enjoy a Fire Pit

There is so much to love about the fall. The crisp air in the morning, the pumpkin coffees and treats, the cozy comfort of a baggy sweater and leggings. One of my most favorite things about the fall is it’s finally time to start using our fire pit! 

3 Ways to Enjoy a Fire PitWhen we moved into our current home, one of the first projects we tackled was installing a fire pit in the backyard. She is a stacked stone beauty, surrounded by six Adirondack chairs, and bistro lights hung from the fence. It feels like a sanctuary from the chaos of everyday life with little kids, and we have made many happy memories in our own backyard. Here are a few of my favorite ways to fire pit! 

Date Night

The first way I enjoy our fire pit is to plan a date night at home capped off with wine. My husband and I will get the kids to bed early then make dinner for just the two of us. I’ll usually create a charcuterie board to graze while he makes steaks and some sides. Afterward, we open a nice bottle of cabernet and sit by the fire. This is a wonderful way to welcome the weekend and fits the bill for when you want to do something fun but are too exhausted to leave home. You also save money by not paying a sitter and still doing something you wouldn’t necessarily do on a weeknight. We put on some music, catch up with each other, and relax while we watch the flames. It feels like such a treat and is a great way to relax and unwind with your spouse. 

Girls’ Night

The second way I love to use the fire pit is to host a girls’ night. The attire is generally pajama casual, the laughter is usually raucous, and the time connecting with girlfriends is always nourishing to my soul. Something about being by the fire is so relaxing and puts everyone into a different state of mind. It allows you to create a space that feels “other” while being just twenty steps from your backdoor. If you’re in the mood for extra laughs, you can always play a game like Two Truths and a Lie or Girls Night to learn some funny and previously unknown stories about your friends. The best part is it only takes a quick text to organize this fun evening, and it can be planned last minute if you happen to stumble upon the wonderful combination of a free evening and a cool fall night. 

Family Night

The third way I have fun with the fire pit is of course with the kids! My little ones jump for joy at the mention of doing a fire pit night. We’ll serve them dinner outback followed by roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. They love to throw sticks and acorns into the fire to watch them burn. As a special treat, we sometimes buy little packets you can toss into the fire that turn the flames different colors. They enjoy staying up late and spending time together. It is my hope that when they’re adults, they will look back on these family fire pit nights and smile at the magic. 

Whether it’s a date night, a girls’ night, or a family night, a fire pit is a great way to turn your backyard into your own little escape this fall. It’s a fun, budget-friendly way to unwind and create memories.