Until My Kids have Superhuman Immune Systems, I Will Use OnCure

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It’s cold and flu season here in Atlanta and unfortunately, my family knows this all too well! In the past month, my husband and I have tag-teamed in nursing a stomach bug, a case of strep throat, three viruses, and two cases of the flu (that’s right because one case just wasn’t enough…). All of this coming from just a family of 4! Each time someone gets hit with the next round of _______ (insert sickness-of-the-week here), I remind myself that one day my kid’s will have a superhuman immune system. That’s how this works, right??  Here’s hoping…

Until our children have the superpowers to fight the germs, our family has begun using an app I would love to share with you – OnCure. My husband and I discovered OnCure on Christmas Eve while we were not only tracking Santa’s whereabouts but also doing our best to track the doses and timing of medications for our son’s flu symptoms. With the excitement of Christmas activities, we struggled to keep up with who had given him medication last, when the next dose was due, etc. And let’s be honest, tracking medication isn’t just hard during Christmas.  A LOT of life happens between the 4-6 hour doses of medication, making it easy to forget or miscalculate when the next round of meds are due!

The OnCure app was made by a mother for mothers, dads, and caregivers who share our same struggle – ensuring our children get the correct dose of medication at the correct time. The app is simple to use and strictly adheres to medical guidelines (the information is reviewed and approved by a board certified pediatrician). 

Here are a few reasons we love the OnCure app

  • The app allows you to add details of children in your family, including their age and weight. Based on the data provided and the published dosage charts for OTC medicine, the app shows you the correct dose for your child. 
  • Caregivers are synched on the app, which helps minimize the number of phone calls, texts, and notes needed when a family is tag-teaming on a child’s care. The app will track when the last dose of medication was given, who gave it, and how much was given.
  • The app has a flexible, dynamic and unique schedule that eliminates the need to preset reminders!
  • If a child was prescribed a medication (ie antibiotics), the user can add that mediation in and get additional reminders.

Although we are still holding out for a germ-free 2019 (cue superfoods, daily vitamins, probiotics, essential oils, and a healthy dose of daily disinfectant spray!), until that happens, we at least have the peace of mind that we are helping our kids get the right amount of medication at the right time.  Check out this great news story highlighting OnCure AND be sure to download the app on the App Store!

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